Tea moments help to keep the calm during the Holiday Season

Tea moments help to keep the calm during the holiday season. Keeping the calm and focus about what the season is about is often overlooked as we get caught up in the hectic hustle and bustle.

Green Teas and Herbal infusions are a great way to help your body physically and mentally restore its energy.

  • Green tea has a small amount caffeine and works as a mild stimulant. It’s also an antioxidant and antibiotic.
  • Ginger stimulates the circulatory system, helping to clear the mind and stimulate the brain. Perfect for uplifting the spirit.
  • Licorice has been described as ‘the universal herb’ with its many beneficial effects. It increases energy levels, helps restore worn out adrenal glands and is an anti-stress mood booster.
  • Ginseng is another beneficial herb that works by increasing stamina, reducing fatigue and minimizing the effects of stress.

A combination of any of the above is sure to help restore your body’s energy!

Lemon, Ginger, Honey and Green Teasarah m jamieson


  • 1 heaping teaspoon of green tea leaves
  • 1 tablespoon of freshly grated ginger
  • 1 tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon of honey, add more if needed
  • 1 cup of boiling water


Add all ingredients to your Libre Tea glass and steep for 3+ minutes.  Put on the filter and lid and shake to dissolve the honey if necessary. Remove the lid and enjoy!

winter solstice
December solstice marks the longest night and shortest day of the year. This Dec. 21st, take the time to celebrate Winter Solstice by going for a walk with loved ones through the neighbourhood, enjoying the sights, scents and sounds.  Watching the sunset and/or sharing a tea moment with family is a perfect time for pausing to reflect with gratitude for all that we have and all that we are.


How do you keep the calm during the holiday season?

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2014 Libre Winners

Here at Libre Tea we love sharing #teamoments! Below is a list of our 2014 Giveaway Winners – watch as it grows!

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Celebrating with Friends

We are in the midst of the holiday season, celebrating with friends, family and coworkers. The time is flying by with all the activities and gatherings to go to.

Are still looking for that perfect potluck dish or last minute appetizers?

appetizersHere are a few of our favourite recipes:


There are always a few people we forget to add to our gift list – teachers, favourite postman, neighbour, coach, etc.

Here are a few last minute gift ideas for them:

chirstmas photoLibre Tea Glasses – they make perfect Hostess Gifts– and stocking stuffers :-)

Hot Chocolate Mix

DIY Herbal Tea Mix

Pair a Libre tea glass with your Herbal Tea and/or Hot Chocolates Mixes for a perfect gift combination.

We have great prices on Libre 6pc Gift Paks to keep you stocked up for all your holiday giving!


What’s your favourite appetizer to share when
celebrating with friends?

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Libre Black BrushChristmas Order Deadline: December 15th!

Libre Tea Glasses wanted for Christmas should be ordered on or before December 15th, 2014!

Orders after that date may not arrive in time.

Be inspired to cultivate and share your light

During this busy month of December be inspired to cultivate and share your light – as with so much seasonal darkness it is necessary to know there is a beautiful light inside each of us. It can be as small as a wave, saying hi to a stranger on the street, helping someone or even sharing a tea moment. These little actions ripple and grow with others and remind others and us to share our light to lighten our own path.

thoughts to wordsAll of our daily routines set the tone for our day. If you begin the day cheerfully and contented it is reflected throughout the day by our actions and words.

One great way to start your day on a positive note is to start a daily routine of tea moments, setting aside time in your day to pause, reflect and appreciate what you have and how to nurture your own light to let it shine in the world.

#GivingTuesday was celebrated across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom on Tuesday Dec. 2nd. Libre Tea is donating $1 /per glass to the Sunshine Coast Food Bank!  for the 26 glasses sold that day.

Thank you to all who purchased Libres on #givingTuesday!

What’s the best time of day for your tea moments and why?

drink tea slowly 2

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Fall Libre Reviews 2014


Kay from The More the Merrier loves her new Libre Black Brush, ” I now have a new favorite tea glass! It’s the Black Brush Loose Leaf Tea Glass from the new Libre Life Collection. I am in love with the new designs on these glasses. Simple designs from nature adorn these gorgeous glasses.”

Here is what Chris from Dad of Divas  has to say about his Libre Tea glasses, “I see this valuable to a serious tea drinker! Enjoy!”

Kerrie from Family Food and Travel loves Libre Life Collection, “It doesn’t matter is you are on the road with a hot cup or tea, citrus water, or even a protein shake the practical and stylish way to drink your drink is from one of the Libre Life Collection.”

Over at Plum Deluxe they love their Libres, “You may recognize this mug from our guide on how to make iced tea, which is just one of the many uses for this fabulous mug.”

Relish.com has included the Libre Starburst in their Holiday Gifts for the Culinary Globetrotter.

Healthy Living Now MagHealthy Living Now Magazine has featured the Libre Tea Mug in their Lifestyle Section.

Vivian from Natural Mama is enjoying her Lively Leaves Tea Mug, “The tea glass comes perfectly designed and fitted comfortably in my hands, and is made BPA free safe for you to drink out of without causing any harm to your body.”

Colleen Richman says this about her Libre Lively Leaves tea glass, “If you are a tea drinker like me, than you are going to love this!”

This is what Melissa from Missy Product Reviews says about her Libre Starburst, “I love the colors of the glass tea bottle and will be taken this everywhere I go and love the eco-friendly factor to safe disposable cups and such.”

home grownTiffany from Home Grown Families loves her Libre, “The new Libre Tea Loose Leaf Tea Glass is top quality!”

Stacey and her husband  from Not Just Baby Brain like their Libre Tea infusers, “…as soon as my Starburst Tea Glass arrived, my husband tried to take it to his work on me!”

3118533515_53922ea17b Stephy from Stephs Cheers and Jeers loves her Libre Original, “The Glass is heavy duty and simply BEAUTIFUL!”


Amanda from Open Hands is loving her Libres, ” I fell in love with Libre months ago, but there new amazing Full Life Collection has brought a refreshing new look for this great concept.”

spiritual and healthy

Spirituality and Health Magazine has included the Libre Holiday Black Brush tea glass in their Holiday Gift Guide.

Tammie from Tammie’s Reviews, Giveaways and more has reviewed the Libre Starburst #travel mug. “I take this every where I go. I love how easy it is to make tea and how the screen that is on top of the glass filters out all the sediment and loose tea.”

Jenny at Dapperhouse has a few Libre Tea  glasses, I use Libre Tea beverage glasses for refreshment throughout the day because it is the perfect reusable glass to use on the go.

Veronica Funk loves her new Libre Tea infuser mug, “I’m so happy with my new Libre tea mug that I wanted to share.”

Coupons and FriendsJennifer from Coupons and Friends loves this about her Libre Tea Mug, “I love the fact that you don’t have to steep a mesh ball that may or may not come open in your mug (Mine went down the garbage disposal anyway), but you can also use bagged tea as well. Instant gratification! ”

week99erBecky from Week99er has reviewed the Libre Starburst, “I still love the new tumblers style and ease of use.”

Tammy's Two Cents
Tammy from Tammy Two Cents has a Libre Lively Leaves Tea glass,  “I received the gorgeous Lively Leaves Green (green is my favorite color – so I was excited)! I throw it in my work tote bag , (knowing it won’t break) and I can enjoy either iced or hot tea while at work!”

graceGrace from Blessed Elements loves her Libres, “I’ve been a fan of Libre Tea and have a first hand experience with their products. I trust the company and their products.”

starburst 2Nancy from Things that make people go aww has a Libre Starburst review. She says, “They make on the go tea simple and easy and you will always have your tea with you.”

jennbuttonJenn from Jenn’s Review Blog has reviewed the Libre Lively Leaves, “First, I love the sleek shape and the cute leaf design of this tea glass. Second this is a large tea glass so I can make tea in the morning and enjoy it for several hours at work.”

Sara from Sweet Silly Sara has reviewed the Libre Lively Leaves, “I love the vibrant green color of the durable glass bottle. I love the generous 14 ounce capacity of it too! That is just the right size glass for my tea cravings. ”

leaves 3Karen from the Kaley Davies blog has Libre reviews of the Lively Leaves and Black Brush tea glass. “I’m always on the lookout for a pretty, yet functional and reusable tea mug and I think we hit the jackpot with this one. I’d like to introduce you to the Libre tea reusable mugs.”

givingnsharing blog picTina from GivingNSharing reviewed the Libre Black Brush tea glass! I have been using Libre Tea Mugs & Glasses for about 3 years now. I’ve given them as gifts and have received comments from total strangers when I’m out and about town. ”

Ria from It’s My Party likes her Libre Original saying, “I like the original size because it’s compact enough to fit in my purse. Aside from that,  it is the perfect size for my grip and it makes about 2 cups of nice, hot and healthy tea!”

Stacey from Not Just Baby Brain reviewed the Libre Starburst saying, “Because the interior is made of glass, you can use it for both hot and cold drinks so it’s great to have year-round!”

Lady Tyrneathem is enjoying her Libre Black Brush, “No matter what your age or gender, I believe the design will suit everyone. It’s simply elegant.”

BB with teaValerie from Sweeps4Bloggers loves her new Libre Black Brush tea glass: “It’s easy to brew my tea and easy to clean up. The tea tastes great and the glass is beautiful. The whole process of brewing and drinking the tea is a pleasure.”

Kathy from Fuggs and Foach says, “Just like the ‘little black dress’ that goes everywhere so does our new Black trimmed LIbre tea glass. Its serene and delicate pattern of light brush strokes and small clusters of pale blossoms invites you into a tea moment every time you gaze at it.”

My Turn For UsEvelyn from My Turn for us has a Libre Starburst review saying, “So from now on, I am enjoying my loose leaf tea in my Libre Tea Glass.”

starburst 3Erica from  Erica Start Walking has a Libre Starburst  “I am just so in love with my other two Libre glasses that when I found out they made one in my favorite colors and bigger I could not have been happier.”

Black Friday Sale – Prepping for a Stress Free Holiday

Happy Thanksgiving to American Libre lovers – ease into holiday!!

 Black Friday – Cyber Monday Sale!

Introducing our new Libre 9oz Holiday Black Brush Tea Glass!

Libre Black BrushOur new Libre Holiday Black Brush is elegant and sleek! Fits perfectly in your cup holders so that you can enjoy your tea moments anywhere, anytime…

And they make a great gift and stocking stuffer!

Save 10% until Dec. 1st!

Single – regular $22, on sale now for $19.80 
Gift Pak of 6 – regular $110, on sale now for $99.00


The Holiday Season has officially started and life will be getting busier every day. Here at Libre we remind ourselves to step back, breathe and have a tea moment to rejuvenate our weary minds and bodies – we are delighted to be busy and grateful for tea moment breaks :-)

For the holidays remembering the basics is key – so the list is not too long and overwhelming – what would you like your experience to be? Identify the essentials – It is a season of love and giving at the heart

An Aussie friend is a holiday expert! Nicole Keleher owner of Mychristmas.com.au has kindly shared her 20 simple tips for a beautiful Stress-Free Christmas – without the headaches and hassle.

Check out Nicole’s My 12 Days of Christmas Challenge – a great resource and Even includes ME time :-)

A few more time savers and streamliners for the weeks before holiday:

  • Weekly meal plan – Plan your meals for a week in advance and make the grocery list at the same time. This takes away the ‘what will I make for supper tonight’ issue and you’ll know all ingredients are on hand. Missing an ingredient? Check out this ingredient substitution list
  • Make enough for leftovers
  • Every night ask family members to pick up and put away belongings
  • Take a picture of your gift list with your phone, so it will always be with you.
  • Delegate the chore list – it’s not gonna be perfect but it will get done and the family can all pitch in.
  • Make a tomorrow to do list – easy to track on your smart phone list
  • Before heading to bed spend a moment of gratitude for your day – take a breath and relax!

Share your time saving tips and how you enjoy the holidays to win a Libre Tea Glass of your choice!


Helpful Ideas
20 Time-Saving Tips
17 Make-Ahead Lunches to Get You through the Week
Canada AM – Frugal Freeze Ahead Sandwiches
Kitchen Time Saving Tips

Peace for Passion Success!

Time to award our 6 Peace for Passion silent auction winners – they were the top bids for our handmade crochet Libre tea glass holders.

Loopy Loops CoverRaising a total of $140 for this wonderful cause!

You may remember our initiative –

Libre Leading Light Sarah Jamieson’s #RUN4ACAUSE with Global Sorority and Passion Foundation went to Beirut and presented 26 young girls from 2 schools with the leadership training using  – the “Elements of Success.”



They all agreed on these fundamental Community Rules

– the world would be a better place if we could all commit to these values:
Understanding each other                      Acceptance
Good Communications                            Compromising
Tolerance                                                      Respect
Sharing                                                          Supporive

A journey of a thousand miles, begins with one step…

beirut marathon collague

Here is Sarah’s introduction (click on picture below) about how this 10 year Run4acause project began… and why the Beirut Marathon and the Beirut Marathon Association is her Finale event and why Passion Foundation is so integral to our global community towards liberating women and girls to be leaders in their own lives.

Sarah Jamieson


“Lebanon has had a re birth. Lebanon has a beautiful complexity to it. You will find a people who fight to be free, to push the envelope so everyone man and woman can have equal rights….” To read Sarah’s complete insightful quote please click here.

Here are the Top bidders for the Peace for Passion Silent Auction:

Leah Goard – Loopy Loops Libre Cover
Sabrina Mippy Templin – Triple Cross Libre Cover
Erin Whalen – Twisted Left Libre Cover
Alexandra Anglin – ‘V’ Patch Libre Cover
Tanis Frame – 2×3 Squared Libre Cover
Wendy Weir – Granny Square Libre Cover


What’s your big goal – your inspiration for the long run?
Share with us for a chance to win a Libre Tea glass of your choice!

pause, reflect, appreciate

Libre tea moments are perfect times to pause, reflect, appreciate… all that we have and can do. However, this week I was reminded that it is not always easy to appreciate all that we have and be happy.

We posted the following quote on our Facebook page:rainbow

“Happiness is a choice. You are the only person who can make you happy. You’re as happy as you choose to be.” — Rick Warren

And one of our followers shared with us that when you are struggling with a cancer diagnoses or other serious illness happiness does not come that easy.

This is so true. Depending on how we are feeling or what we are doing it can be very hard to feel appreciation for anything.

It is at these critical times even more important to pause, reflect, appreciate….

This conscious effort is well rewarded with a little lift in outlook and if practised often can create a permanent shift and habits and how we see the world.

We salute all of you with significant troubles for your efforts to practice gratitude for the small things and ask all of us to add our attitude of gratitude to this world.

Pause, Reflect, Appreciate the little – and big :-) things:

  • Each breathe we take is a gift
  • Our 5 senses – touch, taste, hearing, vision, smell and our 6th sense too!
  • Family and friends
  • Memories and our freedom of mind
  • Our health, even if not the best – there is always someone in worse health
  • The beauty of nature – A sunrise, sunset or rainbow
  • The roof over our head and walls that surround us
  • Coats and blankets to keep us warm these chilly nights
  • Clean water


Tea and Scotch


In Canada – Remembrance Day is this Tuesday! Libre would like to encourage you to take the time to pause and give thanks for all those who have given so much to secure our freedom.




Our lives are so busy that sometimes it’s a good idea to set a time to appreciate all that we have; tea moments, before eating, bedtime…

When is a good time for you to pause & appreciate all that you have?
What are the small things that are big for you :-) ?
Share with us for a chance to win a Libre Life tea glass of your choice!

The Marathon of Peace

The Marathon of Peace 

We are excited to support the innovative global project Marathon of Peace. The 40 young women in the leadership program will receive Libre Life tea glasses – inspiring them with peaceful tea moments to create peaceful projects wherever they are.

Sarah Jamieson is our inspiration for this project and is one of our Libre Leading Lights. She is preparing to fulfill her personal dream of running a marathon on every continent and this one will complete her goal! She will run in the Marathon of Peace, November 9th, 2014.

RUN4ACAUSE Raise-A-Runner And Give “SOLE” To Young LeadersRaise a runner

  • November 9th, 2014 – the “marathon of peace” – focused on connecting young women together to serve as a peer-to-peer support system.
  • Help bring Passion Foundation’s Global Sorority initiative to 40 young girls in Vancouver, BC and in Beirut Lebanon
  • Virtual Online Event – donate or join the team

The Marathon of Peace” is supporting the health and dreams of our young female leaders. In the spirit of global connection RUN4ACAUSE, the Passion FoundationThe Beirut Marathon Association have teamed up to bring the Passion Foundation’s Global Sorority initiative to 20 young women (think its early teens – comment only:) in each of Vancouver, BC and in Beirut, Lebanon. The core of which is leadership training and connecting young women together in cultural exchange. This Marathon of Peace is the backdrop and provides an avenue for young leaders to create partnerships for change in our world.

We are inspired and want to support this important cause – we have put together the ‘Passion for Peace’ silent auction on our Facebook page. Items up for bid are 6 unique Libre Tea Glass Covers. The auction ends on the day of the marathon on November, 9th, 2014. And remember if you don’t ‘win’ them the patterns for LIbre holders are free

Please take a look and post a bid in the comment section on a Libre tea glass holder. Highest bidder wins and all proceeds will go towards the above Run4aCause project. (Open to Canada and the United States).

What brings you peace? – share it with us for a chance to win

A Libre Life tea glass of your choice.


Creating the Perfect Tea Moment

So many tea moments waiting in your tea cupboard…

What’s in your tea cupboard? So many people have quite a few teas and tea infusers. Below you’ll see our true confessions of our tea cupboards. We recommend you pull them out and sort through your teas – in sealed bags – great!  And less than a year old – super!  Some of your fresher ones may make great new custom blends – let your imagination go – berries and chamomile, earl grey and white rose?

And by the way where do you buy your tea – what’s your favourite tea shop? We love to hear and our readers too for great new sources for wonderful teas.

Now, for the tea moments :-)

That first sip of tea from a freshly made cup of tea is so relaxing and rejuvenating and take a few simple and essential ingredients:

  • hot water
  • your favourite tea
  • tea infuser cup or Libre Tea glass
  • milk and sugar if needed
  • a little time

And a loving and grateful intention.

Enjoy your tea moments – remember the simple pleasure of a hot fresh cup of tea – and with your Libre tea glass infuser you can enjoy these moments anywhere, anytime.

Wendy - Tea Cupboard 2Cindy - tea cupboard

At Libre, we prefer loose tea as it contains more flavour and holds the flavour longer. As well, loose tea can be re-steeped multiple times, giving you more value for your money – green teas can be steeped 2-3 times, oolong often up to 5 times, even black tea can be steeped at least 2 times. Pictured here is one of Wendy and Cindy’s tea cupboards :-)

A reference guide for suggested steeping times for various teas and tisanes that will help you create a wonderful refreshing and rejuvenating cup of tea for a relaxing and nourishing tea moment.

LibreSteeping Chart

Two ways to enter this week’s giveaway for a chance to win
your choice of a Libre Tea glass.

 Tell us below your favourite tea shop
Send us a picture of your Tea Cupboard via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or email (info@libretea.com). Be sure to tag us with @libretea and #teamoment


And we continue this week with our ‘Passion for Peace’ photo album on Facebook– bid on crochet Libre covers in the silent auction to raise funds – read the story here