We’re Enjoying some Longer Tea Moments

We’re taking a break with some longer tea moments to relax and rejuvenate.

summer holiday pic

We’ll be away from August 1st, returning August 10th enjoying some of our own summertime favourite tea moments.

We’re all goin’ on a summer holiday
No more workin’ for a week or two
Fun and laughter on a summer holiday
No more worries for me or you…..
Summer Holiday – Cliff Richards

Sneak peek – Garden Dance Pink – a swirl of pinks – ballet, fuchsia and silver for sparkles – girls you’ve got this :-) click here for photo

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Take Time to Play

Marlene LowdenGuest Post: Marlene Lowden is one of our Libre Leading Lights. She is an abstract painter and creative yogi living on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.

Play is powerful food for your soul – it makes you forget who you should be so that you can be who you really are.

When was the last time you lost yourself in play? The kind of non-structured, no purpose, for no good reason kind of play with no specific outcome or result desired, expected or required.

I know it’s hard to justify spending time being unproductive, especially when there’s always something pressing in your life.

A little playtime this summer can give you mini holidays from your schedule, make you feel happier, healthier and ultimately, help you discover what your true priorities are.  When you are creating and playing, time disappears – your brain rests, you let go of what you should be doing and saying and find yourself deeply engaged in the present.  There are very few activities in life that engage you more fully in the now than pure playfulness!

The long summer days are the perfect opportunity to get outside your lines and explore new ways to play…

Marlene Tea MomentYour body loves to play and it will delight in the simplest pleasures. Try yoga (maybe even on a paddle board), go dancing, swimming, hiking or go jump on your neighbour’s trampoline, (you know you want to).  Move your body but put down the timers, the measuring tapes, the scales and set aside the schedules too. 

We are well acquainted with the benefits of moving our bodies but how about playful exercises for our minds?  The benefits of doodling, drawing and colouring are bountiful.  Studies are showing an increase in creativity and creative problem solving, stress reduction, and improved focus.

Making and creating for the fun of it strips away all the “shoulds” in my life, I feel lighter, refreshed and more keenly focused on what is really important to me.  Here are some summer specific ideas to try; chalk drawing on the sidewalk, building a sandcastle with friends of all ages, painting rocks from the beach or making collages from old magazines.

Having fun is not a waste of time.  It is about giving yourself a break from productivity and your to do list so you can actually reveal what you deeply care about.

You serve your family, your friends and the world best by being all of who you are and doing what inspires you – play is a powerful key to discovering exactly what that looks and feels like. 

Play is liberty!  Enjoy getting to know yourself a little more this summer.  I can’t think of any other pursuit more worthy of your time.


Marlene Lowden Signature



p.s. If you need help getting started – I have created a FREE ebook for you called – Outside Your Lines, it’s an all ages colouring book, enjoy and share with others!

Click this link to access the download (no strings or shoulds attached)!

Show us your summer play or download and colour a page today.

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Introducing Libre Leading Light Tanis Frame

We are honoured to introduce to you Tanis Frame our new Libre Leading Light.

 Tanis Frame is a science-geek, soul-sister, thrive-catalyst, play-evangelist, world champion, and mom to two fierce young girls. She is also the powerhouse behind the DECIDE to THRIVE REVOLUTION– inspiring women to live their lives in full colour and to make the daily choices that lead to them and their families deeply thriving. Tanis offers several programs, in Vancouver, the Sunshine Coast and online, that will radically transform the way you live.

As an environmental health scientist and relentlessly curious mom, Tanis is charmingly obsessive about discovering the science and soul behind what cultivates thriving in our lives and what gets in the way.  She shares insights and wisdom from leading edge science, ancient and modern wisdom traditions, and thriving women, and translates them into ridiculously simple tools that radically transform the way you live.  And her Libre glass is definitely one of her simple yet powerful tools that cultivates thriving, not solely for her, but also her family. Yes, her daughters both love their Libre glasses too.

Happy tea glass toting girls, makes for a happy tea glass toting mama!

tanis libre


“As an eco-health scientist, entrepreneur and mom who is on a mission to support women and their families to thrive, I’m thrilled to introduce people to Libre- healthy, functional, beautiful and a serious multitasker that supports thriving on so many levels.”

We often loose ourselves with our busy lives at home and work.

How do you find time for you, for you to thrive?

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Cold Brew for a Hot Day

Nothing better than spending the day in the outdoors – hiking, or camping, or just a lovely nature walk and relaxing with a delicious cold brew – cold brewed tea that is :)

re-energize quoteDid you know? Cold brewing tea gives you less catechins and caffeine, which helps eliminate any bitterness taste and keeps a peaceful feeling yet fully refreshed.

How to Cold Brew Tea:

1st – choose your tea – better quality tea does give you a better cold brew taste – white, roasted green or oolong, favourite herbal infusions are often the best choices.  Cold Brew using black tea doesn’t seem to quench the thirst as well.

2nd – quantity – place 3-5 grams (approximately 1 level teaspoon) into your Libre glass. Taste preference plays a big key and it may take you a few tries to find what works for you.

3rd – add cold water to your Libre glass and place on filter and lid.

4th – add any garnish you like, such as lemon, lime or mint (optional)

5th – steep your tea 4+ hours or even overnight and enjoy.

Wait, don’t throw away those steeped leaves yet, add more cold water and let it steep a second (and possibly a third) time!

In our area Vancouver BC Canada, we have smokey air from forest fires and so please be very aware If you are heading out hiking or camping be sure to keep an eye out for forest fire risks, such as broken glass or plastic that can magnify the sun, paper garbage, cigarette butts, smouldering dry grass, etc.

If you are able to and would like to help out the Fire Fighters financially donations can usually be made at your local Fire Station or search ‘donation firefighters + your city, state or country’ online. Many folks in our area are donating lots of food and home baked goodies – it is a tough job and so many are volunteers from other areas who’ve come to help – we are so grateful.

camping 6

And as it is a dry season for most of us please do your part to conserve water – many here are using dishwater to water plants, or enjoying a ‘golden lawn’ – it will revive well with the next round of rain.

Unusual conditions require new innovative responses and each of our contributions make a difference.



What’s your favourite place for an outdoor tea moment this summer?

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Watch as it grows!

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Enjoying Canada Day & Independence Day

This coming week is going to be a busy week with Canada Day July 1st and Independence Day July 4th. Whether we are working or celebrating, let’s take a break and have a tea moment to reflect on how the past has brought us to today and how all change starts with one thought, one act, one person!

We must recognize that the suffering of one person or one nation is the suffering of humanity. That the happiness of one person or nation is the happiness of humanity.”  ~ Dalai Lama

Most are planning to celebrate these days with family and friends enjoying picnics, parades, barbeques, and watching the fireworks. Maybe there are a few new fruit infusions to help you stay hydrated and have fun throughout your celebrations! Try out the new crop of fresh berries with an iced tea, or water with lemon or lime as a refreshments.

To help you celebrate here are a few summer time tea recipes:

fruit iced tea recipes

Here are a few other ‘BBQ with Tea’ recipes:


How will you hydrate this Canada & Independence Day?

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Tea Moments with Zhena Muzyka

This week we’d like to introduce to you an inspiring author and entrepreneur who loves tea moments as much as we do – Zhena Muzyka.

Zhena_page_ad SCReleaseA little history: As a twenty-four-year-old single mom, Zhena had an infant in need of life-saving surgery and only six dollars in her wallet. She also had two other powerful motivators: hope and a passion to share her unique tea blends with the world.

To steady myself, I grabbed my anchor, that simple cup of tea.”

Zhena combined her hobby of blending tea, her knowledge of herbs and aromatherapy, and her gypsy grandmother’s wisdom to provide for her son and herself. She started selling her custom teas from a cart on California street corners and now over a decade later, her son is healthy and Zhena’s Gypsy Tea is a multimillion-dollar brand.

Zhena has drawn on these life experiences when writing her book ‘Life by the Cup’ where she shares seventeen soulful lessons to help us overcome obstacles, clarify our purpose, and bring awareness to each moment of our life. No matter where we are in life Life by the Cup’s message is that we can change our circumstances and live our dreams.

‘Life by the cup’ offers:

  • inspiration to increase our compassion toward others as well as ourselves,
  • wisdom on how to hone our intuition,
  • how to ask for help,
  • and live out our true purpose without drastically changing the way we live

…a simple cup of tea can be a daily ritual for personal transformation and growth.


Do you have an inspirational tea moment?
A beautiful tea moment that touched you?

Share with us to win 1 of 3 “Life by the Cup” books!


For more info about Zhena’s ‘Life in a cup of Tea’ book and her in-person and online self-help courses visit:  www.Zhena.TV

Twitter @Mistressoftea
Instagram @Zhena1
FB /Zhena.Muzyka


Thank you to Zhena for sharing her life, passion and inspiration with us!

Introducing Libre Leading Light Grace Bullock


We are honoured to introduce to you B. Grace Bullock, PhD, E-RYT our new Libre Leading Light.

B Grace Bullock, PhD, E-RYT 500 is an innovating research scientist, psychologist, contemplative/yoga educator, speaker, author and Founding Director of the International Science & Education Alliance (ISAEA) and Mind-Body Therapy.com.

She provides strategic planning, research consultation and assessment design to support the empirically rigorous evaluation and sustainable implementation of yoga and mindfulness programs in education, leadership, health and human services. Grace’s clinical practice, teaching, writing and ground-breaking BREATHE™ program emphasize the incorporation of empirically supported psychotherapy with therapeutic yoga and mindfulness practices to promote healthy intra- and interpersonal relationships and social fields.

Sharing her love of life with her dog Beau.

b grace

Grace’s mission is to facilitate individual, relational and systemic compassion, self-awareness, and loving kindness to support equity, diversity and scientific integrity, and to promote effective leadership, decision-making and social change. She is the Contributing Editor for Science and Research at YogaU Online, Faculty at Integrated Health Yoga Therapy, former Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Yoga Therapy, and former Senior Research Scientist and recipient of a Francisco J. Varela Research Award at the Mind & Life Institute. Grace draws on her yoga practice, time spent in nature with her dog, Beau, and quiet “tea moments” of reflection to sustain her in her life, work and travels.

Yoga Therapy & Emotional Intelligence: Skills for Successful Relationships with guest Dr. Grace Bullock

“The journey has been miraculous, and I am filled with gratitude and grace.”

Grace has devoted her life to cultivating a better world one breath at a time.

Is there someone in your life who makes your world a better place?
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Dad and Teacher Appreciation Sale

Moms we know how busy you are at the end of the school season with all the field trips, graduation ceremonies and looking for that special something to give teachers:  classroom, choir, band, drama, sports, tutors and the list goes on! This year you can one-stop-shop with Libre for Teachers and Dads!

Dad and Teacher Appreciation Sale

libre sale picSave 20% on 6 packs too!

Teachers will love our go anywhere tea infuser! It can keep their morning tea HOT and afternoon fruit’n herb water COLD – just one wash keeps it flavour fresh for the next beverage anytime throughout the day. Libre glasses are the perfect fit for car cupholders; pop on the lid for carrying in backpacks, purses or yoga bags.

The Libre Mug has a large handle to hold and is perfect for Dad’s relaxing tea moments. He does so much for us, let’s give him something to enjoy on his well-deserved breaks! And did you know that all Libre tea glasses are thermal hot and COLD!! We’ve heard some Dads even love to kick back with a cold beer in their Mug.

Lime and Mint Fresno Iced Tea
Juice of 2 limes
1 sliced lime
3 table spoons of loose leaf green tea (3-4 bags)
10 fresh mint leaves
10 tbsp of coconut sugar or other healthy sweetener (optional)
4 cup of boiling water

Brew tea in boiling water. Crush mint leaves with the juice of 2 limes and sugar and pour the brewing tea over it in a pitcher and add the sliced lime. Serve cold in a Libre glass and enjoy! (Recipe by Catherine Rochette)

Leah - tea moment

And throughout those busy days ahead – take a time out – we all need one – to stop, breathe and enjoy your peaceful tea moment. Take the time to rejuvenate your soul and body –


Share with us your Father’s Day plans – we won’t tell :-) 

for a chance to win a Libre Mug for the Dad in your family!


Tea Moments in Nature

Heading out hiking this weekend to enjoy some rejuvenating nature time? Don’t forget to pack your Libre glass with your other essentials!

went out for a walkThe Libre is a great hiking companion – for hot or cold beverages and keeps them that way. With the glass interior it is going to be flavour free with a wash, for your next beverage – can even be used to store left overs!

And the durable poly exterior is so practical for the bumps that can happen on the trail – try it out for hot tea in the morning, a protein shake for a mid–morning snack and with fruits and water for refreshing afternoon healthy hydration.

Here’s a healthy afternoon favourite – matcha and coconut or almond milk shaker:

matcha making #2Step 1 – 1 tsp matcha on top of filter

Step 2 – sieve through the filter with a spoon – or tap on side of glass to slake matcha through

Step 3 – add 4 ounces cool water put on lid and shake for 30 seconds

Step 4 – add almond or coconut milk – or take along the powders for your longer hiking trips – give another good shake for a creamy frothy afternoon treat – great energy and good health on the trails


Whether heading out for the day, weekend or longer there are always some important items that should be put in your backpack.

 Hiking Essentials:hiking essentials

And remember it’s great to let a family member or friend know where you are heading out to. Enjoy tea moments on the trail – take in the awesome beauty of nature and take a photo of you and your Libre on the trail – you could be our #teamoment of the week winner.

How will you use your Libre on your next outdoor adventure?

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2 Libre tea glasses are twice as handy :-)