Since 2006, Linda Appel Lipsius  has been working with her partners in Bangladesh, one of the purest countries on earth, to bring premium-quality, sustainably-sourced teas from a previously-unknown growing region to the United States and the UK. Teatulia’s mission is to sustain the land and its people while producing top-quality tea. By following the… Read More

We love to inspire tea moments and this month want to focus on outer peace –the everyday peace of our world and how we can contribute to – outer peace. Our Leading Light Dr. B Grace Bullock is a psychologist, research scientist, author, yoga educator and science journalist committed to outer peace. What comes to… Read More

Explore your creativity with tea by adding a few of your favourite flavours. Here is our new ‘How To’ video showing different ways to be  creative with tea. Yes, we can purchase our teas with spices and flavours already added. However, it is so rewarding when we create a delicious, healthy, aromatic tea on our… Read More

Canadian Health Food Association Sunshine Coast Yoga Festival   EcoZine – The Source The Canadian Trade Commissioner     Powerhouse interview The Gourmet Retailer A Cup of Zen       share…… Read More

We have 2 Libre Collections – the Classic Collection with metal trim, for a unique, more polished tea travel experience and the Libre Life Collection.  Each with its own design and character – The Starburst Turquoise, Lively Leaves Green, go-anywhere Black Brush and sparkly Garden Dance Pink – liven up the family portraits with a little new colour. All the… Read More

Guest post by Libre Leading Light Jan Jensen Jan Jensen has been teaching Nia since 1997 and currently offers classes on the BC Sunshine Coast. Her books, inspirational cards, courses and workshops delve deeper into sensory awareness, helping each person find the best ways to build a healthy life that integrates body, mind and spirit.… Read More

We love sharing #teamoments! Here is a list of our 2015 Giveaway Winners Watch as it grows! Facebook – Tea Moments January 6th – Elaine Lindsey-Paek Connect with your inner self, your true desires – Deborah P. Facebook – Tea Moments January 13th – Jessica Margaret Price I woke up with that crazy bubbly feeling . . –… Read More

Guest post by Libre Leading Light Desiree Rumbaugh My usual morning routine begins with putting a teaspoon of coconut oil in my mouth and swishing it around for 15-20 min. Andrew actually likes it when I do this because the house is so much quieter. Next would be to drink a glass of warm water… Read More

Zenful Living with a busy life can be challenging. After we put together a schedule for the whole family including carpools, after school activities, child care, and school shopping; finding time for us can be difficult. It is important for ourselves, and those around us, that we take the time and practice zenful living. Finding those… Read More