Tea Moments in Nature

Heading out hiking this weekend to enjoy some rejuvenating nature time? Don’t forget to pack your Libre glass with your other essentials!

went out for a walkThe Libre is a great hiking companion – for hot or cold beverages and keeps them that way. With the glass interior it is going to be flavour free with a wash, for your next beverage – can even be used to store left overs!

And the durable poly exterior is so practical for the bumps that can happen on the trail – try it out for hot tea in the morning, a protein shake for a mid–morning snack and with fruits and water for refreshing afternoon healthy hydration.

Here’s a healthy afternoon favourite – matcha and coconut or almond milk shaker:

matcha making #2Step 1 – 1 tsp matcha on top of filter

Step 2 – sieve through the filter with a spoon – or tap on side of glass to slake matcha through

Step 3 – add 4 ounces cool water put on lid and shake for 30 seconds

Step 4 – add almond or coconut milk – or take along the powders for your longer hiking trips – give another good shake for a creamy frothy afternoon treat – great energy and good health on the trails


Whether heading out for the day, weekend or longer there are always some important items that should be put in your backpack.

 Hiking Essentials:hiking essentials

And remember it’s great to let a family member or friend know where you are heading out to. Enjoy tea moments on the trail – take in the awesome beauty of nature and take a photo of you and your Libre on the trail – you could be our #teamoment of the week winner.

How will you use your Libre on your next outdoor adventure?

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2 Libre tea glasses are twice as handy :-)



Spring tantrums + the magic in radical small decisions

Leah - Spring Tantrum

Guest Post by Libre Leading Light Leah Goard

Expansion * Friction * Growth 

 Spring is that time of year when the sun starts to shine on the seeds that were planted; new ideas, stories and ways of being in the world crave breathing space.

Working so hard to emerge through the thawed ground, there’s tension between the old and new. 

You may find yourself deeply yearning for room for growth, have wild desires to clean out your closets and throw out just about everything you sense is blocking your path. Spring can be an oddly intense time, and understanding that there is a very powerful natural cycle at work may help to curb your decision to toss it all aside, pack your bags and head for the nearest airport.

I too have been experiencing what I have come to recognize is a SPRING TANTRUM!  

I’ve thrown out, recycled, given away and burned just about everything I’ve gotten my hands on. I’ve considered selling my house and dreamt of white space and packing my bag to find an endless beach.

I’ve had to remind myself on several occasions that this is not mid-life crisis version 7.6 – it’s just Spring …

the season when Mother Nature calls you to simplify,
to listen carefully to what your life is calling you to focus on and to create the space required for the fruition of all that has been cultivating beneath the winter ground.

What to do when Spring fever hits?

Well, I’ve been a BIG radical decision maker my whole life. I’ve moved countries and changed identities in a matter of weeks. Quit jobs and launched businesses. I’ve gone from long blonde to skinhead and pierced from head to toe, all in one night.

And I’ve learned over the years that the most powerful, radical decisions come in small packages. The small shifts. The quiet, sacred contracts made between you and your soul. 

lea goard picSaying no

Letting the story go

Carving out an hour a day to play

Waking up early to give your soul the silence to be heard

Honouring your boundaries

Returning to your yoga mat

Deep breaths + tea moments

 The magic and your freedom is held in this space.    
So, if you are experiencing your own Spring Tantrum, know you are not alone.

Embrace the power and flow of the season, let go of that stuff that no longer serves you,
and, one small radical decision at a time, step into that new sacred soil. 

Have do you find/spend your ‘me time’ this spring?

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Sun Tea and Iced Tea – Great for Hydration

Thanks very much for our newsletter on hydration this week – The following content is a contribution from Hydration Anywhere

Libre Tea glasses are exceptionally versatile. Whether you like your tea steaming hot, chilled with ice, or gently warmed by the sun, the Libre makes it a simple matter to brew your favorite tea with minimal hassle. In this article, we’ll explore how you can very easily make iced tea or sun tea with your Libre Tea glass.

Making Sun Tea

Libre Mug waterSun tea is probably the easiest way to make tea one could imagine – although it requires patience and most of all, sunlight! With summer 2015 approaching fast, it’s the perfect time to get in gear to enjoy some sun tea. Because the tea leaves and water are warmed gently by the sun, they impart a different flavor to the resulting brew – less bitter, maybe “lighter” in flavor. I find it makes some teas a bit more floral. My favorite selection for sun tea is classic English Breakfast Teas.

Making sun tea in the Libre is a breeze. Simply follow the normal instructions for loading the Libre with tea of your choice and cold water, and leave it in a sunny spot! Best results will definitely be achieved outdoors, although if you have a particularly sunny window that can work too. How long it will take depends on how you prefer your tea and the intensity of the sunlight, so try experimenting with different duration to see what produces the best results for you! Generally at least 4-6 hours in good sunlight is a good baseline.

Loading your tea into the filter and inverting the Libre might be the best bet if you plan to store your sun tea for later use. It can become bitter if the leaves are left in the tea for too long, and the process of making sun tea means they will be in contact for a long time no matter what

sun teaOnce you’ve got your sun tea, it is a perfect candidate for making into iced tea! The moderate temperature of the sun tea lends it well to cooling quickly, so just pop some ice into your Libre or toss the whole thing into the fridge until its chilled.

Making Iced Tea with the Libre

If you’ve already made sun tea, you’re more or less ready to have iced tea. But if you plan to make iced tea without the aid of the sun, there are a few easy ways to get iced tea with the help of your Libre.

All you really need to do is make tea as you would normally with your Libre and then chill the results! There are two options for chilling your ice tea: either by putting ice into the bottle, or by putting the bottle into a fridge. If your opting for the first method, fill the glass with brewed tea leaving space for ice cubes, add ice cubes – it’s easy with Libres wide mouth –and enjoy. You may want to make the tea a little stronger than usual if you plan to use ice as the ice will further dilute the brew.

infused water 2Whether you are chilling with ice or in the fridge, you’ll want to wait awhile after you first make the tea to let it cool down before adding ice or putting it into the fridge. Especially if you use boiling water, the heat will instantly melt any ice and diminish its chilling effect, or raise the temperature of your fridge substantially, running up your bill and possibly even spoiling some goods.

Cold Brews

One of my favorite types of tea is a South American brew called mate. Mate is actually best made (in my opinion) through “cold brew” techniques, where no heat is used. I simply soak the loose leaves in cold or room temperature water for many hours or even days. The result is a delicious (and highly caffeinated – depending on brewing length) tea which gives me a great boost throughout the day.

Cold brew techniques can be used on many types of tea and even coffee. Investigate if your favorite tea is a selection for cold brew!

Stay Hydrated!

Tea is a great to start the day off with a kick, sip throughout the day and help you stay hydrated! There is no substitute for drinking water, but tea is a very close second. For more on the importance of staying hydrated, check out the Hydration Anywhere feature “The Importance of Drinking Water.”

Author Jacob Hatch. For more from Jacob on all things hydration and water related, check out the Hydration Anywhere blog.

Share with us your favourite Sun or Iced Tea recipe.

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Yogi Tea Moments for Health and Harmony

Tea moments help transition us from the peaceful stillness of the mat to the chaotic noise and stress of the world outside the studio door.

You can prepare your tea in your Libre glass before your session – add a few ice cubes, put on the lid, grab your mat and head out the door. As you enjoy your yoga practice your tea will steep and chill.

Depending on when your session is, morning, afternoon or evening, you might like to choose a tea that fits the time of day. A matcha, chai, ginger or black tea are perfect for the morning, giving you the energy to work through the day. Green or white teas work well for afternoon sessions and perhaps an herbal tea such as jasmine, lavender, licorice or chamomile would be a great choice for evening classes.

LLL Guy Gabriel skiing
Carrying my Libre Travel Tea Cup with me as I travel from yoga studios, to corporate gyms, and private clients insures me that I’m getting my dose of healing herbal medicines. As an Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher my job is to teach others how to cultivate a routine that promotes health and balance to ones unique constitution.”

Guy Gabriel
Libre Leading Light

The tradition of combining yoga and tea has been going on for centuries. You will find that many yoga teachers like to create their own herbal blends for their classes.

Sharing tea with your fellow yogis helps create bonding and harmony; deepening the overall experience.

What teas would/do you drink after a yoga class?

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Relaxing Iced Tea Moments for Busy Moms

Once you have made it through the morning rush, whether it be taking the kids to school/daycare or making it through the morning traffic on the way to work, give yourself an iced tea moment and let it go – let the stress and rush of the morning wash away and not bother starburst 3you anymore :-) Enjoy the refreshing sips of iced tea topped with your favourite fruit cubes.

Libre glasses are great for moms on the go, prep your favourite tea at night, wait until its room temperature and put in the fridge. In the morning grab your Libre out of the fridge, add a few Fruit Cubes on the way out the door. The Libre 9oz fits into car cup holders and both the 9oz and 14oz fit in stroller cup holders.

Frozen Fruit Cube Ideas – fill ice cube trays with blueberries, raspberries, grapes, strawberries, or slices of peaches, melons or citrus. Then top up with water and freeze. Once frozen store in freezer bags until needed. You can also freeze your favourite herbs the same way.

This week we have a special giveaway – 1 tin of Organic Jasmine Silver Needle (1 oz.) from Boutique Teas ($25 value) – perfect for hot or cold infusions.

tiffany - white jasmine Here we have a cold brew Organic Jasmine Silver Needles white tea that was steeped overnight in the fridge. Put 1 tablespoon of tea in your Libre Tea glass and pour cool filtered water over the leaves. Place Libre Tea glass in the fridge before bed. Grab your refreshing iced organic jasmine silver needles tea in the morning. Enjoy the sweet jasmine aroma and flavor.

This organic jasmine silver needles is hand plucked and traditionally scented with fresh jasmine flowers. A special treat for jasmine and white tea lovers.


What fruits/herbs would you use to make Frozen Cubes for your iced tea?

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Mother’s Day Sale

Mother’s Day is just over 2 weeks away. Libre Tea Original glasses are the perfect gift for Mom, giving her relaxing tea moments in her so busy life!

Libre 9oz glasses fit into backpacks, stroller cup holders, purses, and diaper bags. No worries about spills, burns or stains if knocked when the lid is on. Perfect for all hot and cold beverages.

Mother’s Day Sale!

Save 20% off Libre 9oz glasses!

Libre Original Classic & Black Brush

Libre Classic and Black Brush
Sale ends April 30th!

Spring has sprung, the air smells fresher, and our gardens are starting to sprout with new vegetables, herbs and fruits.  We can start to add these spring time harvests not only to our dinner plates but also to our tea infusion moments.

We can always find a variety of fruit and vegetables in our local farmers market or grocery store – strawberries, tangerines, lemons, cucumber, celery and mint.

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”
― Maya Angelou

Why not try out some of these delicious, in season, garden treats when choosing what to add to your Libre glass infusion: Kiwis, Spring Beets, Rhubarb, Kumquats, Pears, Pineapples, etc.

How about adding a few edible flowers? Make sure the flowers you use have been raised to be eaten and not sprayed with pesticides.

  • Bachelor Buttons
  • Calendulas
  • Carnations
  • Violas

Always do a little research before adding flowers to your plate or infusion as not all flowers are safe for consumption.


What unusual flowers, fruit or veggie
would you like to add to your infusions?

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April is Stress Awareness Month

April is stress awareness month. With all the new beginnings in spring, it also brings along a few stresses too, such as new after school/work activities for the kids and yourself, spring cleaning and house maintenance, and of course spring also brings along more yard work :-)

The best way to handle stress is to recognize it when it begins and learn stress relieving techniques or activities.

ekr quoteDe- stressing can come in many forms:

  • go for a walk in the park and breathe in the fresh spring air
  • take a book outside and read under a tree
  • watch a comedy, laughter is a great mood lifter.
  • deep breathing techniques, Yoga and/or meditation
  • start a flower or vegetable garden, which can be quite relaxing and grounding for some
  • grab a few friends for a game of bocce ball
  • share a tea moment or two with friends or with a favourite book or your journal
  • listening to your favourite music, turn it up and sing or dance along :-)

And the benefits are many – here are just a few ways a time out from stress can improve your health:

  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Improves your immune system, helping to fight against cold and flus
  • Lowers inflammation, helping with asthma & arthritis symptoms
  • Helps with irritable bowel syndrome symptoms
  • Aids the healing process
  • Reduces skin flare ups

salad water 3Relaxation can be anything that you enjoy that takes your mind away from your stressful situations.

 What is your favourite way to de-stress?

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Libre glass of your choice!

Yogis take your yoga practice outdoor

Yoga is a great way to exercise, reconnect with your core and create a healthier you. So why not take your yoga practice outdoors for even more health benefits.

yoga outside 3Yoga was originally an outdoor practice, done in a beautiful peaceful environment. If you’ve never tried yoga outside, you will notice many distractions such as passersbys, dogs barking, planes overhead, robins singing, uneven ground….. Here the distraction, then let it go, breathe deeply and continue your practice.

There’s also the satisfying solidity of the earth beneath your feet, the green grass between your toes, the sun to warm you, the fresh breeze on your skin, and the mesmerizing sky above.

Here are a few tips on having an outdoor yoga practice:

  • Pick a spot with partial shade or go early in the morning or later in the afternoon when the sun is not the hottest
  • To get the most out of your outdoor surroundings and really connect with them, choose a spot with as natural a view as possible, even if it’s only gathering of trees, your garden or balcony with some lovely potted plants.
  • Leave your yoga mat at home and enjoy the feeling of the grass and dirt beneath your feet, while you connect with
  • Focus your practice being in the moment, be aware, breathe deeply, and practice stillness. Feel the warmth from the sun, the cool breeze blowing and the various new smells, such as the ocean, pine trees, grass, flowers….

yoga outside 2Yoga is for all ages and can be adapted to most health conditions. Our Libre Leading Light Steffany Moonaz is a Yoga Therapist who has created and evaluated a yoga program for individuals with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.  Steffany Moonaz is the Founder of Yoga for Arthritis. Libre Leading Light Helena Zera-Axelrod founder of Vyana Yoga has written an informative article on Arthritis and how Yoga can be beneficial.

Libre Tea glasses are perfect to take with you for your outdoor yoga practice. They’ll keep your water cool and your tea warm as you enjoy your outdoor yoga session.

For a few more outdoor yoga ideas you may want to check out these sites:

Where would you have your outdoor yoga session?

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Share a Tea Moment Outing with Family

Spring time is a wonderful time to explore the new beginnings outdoors.  Going on family outdoor field trips to see nature blossoming before us with new plants bursting through the ground and on the trees can be a wonderful experience.

cherry blossom

Bears, groundhogs and squirrels are crawling out of their winter homes to explore the woods around them with all the new sights and smells. The calves, lambs, foals, bunnies and chicks enjoy the sunshine and warmer weather as much as we do.

Here are some Spring time actives you and your family might enjoy:

  • Go on a nature walk and count crocuses, tulips and snowdrops
  • Visit a local farm or petting zoo to see the new baby animals
  • Plant some veggie seeds or flowers in your garden
  • Go on a picnic and scavenger hunt
  • Watch or play a game of softball or tag


Spring won’t let me stay in this house any longer! I must get out and breathe the air deeply again.  Gustav Mahler

Libre glasses are great to take with you and your family on all your spring time outings. They fit into your backpack, stroller cup holders and diaper bags. You don’t have to worry about spills, burns or stains if knocked when the lid is on. Perfect for all your hot and cold beverages.

lemon and tulipsWhat is your favourite spring time family outing to enjoy the new and emerging spring?

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