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January 2014 Reviews

black dog asanaMaggie from Black Dog Asana loves her Libre Mug and says, “Libre Tea Is Liberating Us from Limiting Libations Yet Again!” 

Lindsay from Strive to Stride says, “Libre has been an important part of my everyday for over 4 years. Thanks for making such an amazing product.”

Amanda over at Open Hands says, “I simply love the Libre Tea products. My tea stays warm for hours , but the glass doesn’t get too hot to handle. It is perfect for on the go, or just at home.”

Sarah from The Education of a Stay at Home Mom says, “ I can take tea on the go in the morning and then refill the cup with water throughout the day to stay hydrated and feeling great whether we’re at home or our and about.”

Cheshire Cat says if you drink a lot of tea she recommends the Libre Large tea glass. “I love being able to add hot water at gas stations for free.” And the Libre Original ‘fits in my cup holder great.” 

December 2013 Reviews

taylor(5x7)Super-mom Taylor Wells from Best Life Ever talks about her Libre Tea glass.

Marissa from Hip and Healthy Kids says Libre Tea glasses makes a stylish, healthy and eco-friendly way to brew a cup of tea.  


Robin from inspired by Savannah says, “Ever since receiving the Libre Loose Leaf On the Go Tea Mug, I find myself drinking more and more tea, as opposed to coffee, which is great.”

DragonFly Sweetnest loves her Libre Large saying, “During my moments of wrapping the many gifts, that have to be done, the Libre tea glass has been my go to item for my tea.”

Dee, over at Frugal Shopping says, “I am very happy to have an stylish way to drink my loose leaf tea on the go. These make great gifts for people who love to drink tea.”

Sweet Southern Lovin

Michelle from Sweet Southern Lovin says, “With the Libre Travel Tea Glass Infuser I can have my loose tea whenever I want, wherever I want.

Nicole from Make Life Special says, “The mug works great!  I’ve taken it with me to yoga, while driving around town running errands, and at my desk working on blog posts.”

Kayla from I Love Giveaways says, “The glass itself is stunning. I really love that Libre Tea put some serious effort into making their glass look just as amazing as it is functional.”

Becky from Week 99er says this about the Libre Mug, “Not only is it the perfect size for smaller tea drinks, but the handle makes it perfect for grab and go situations.


Mary from Plum Crazy about Coupons says, “With the Libre tea Glass Travel Infuser, you put tea leaves of your choice in the strainer or directly inside. The tea leaves get strained as you drink it, giving you that fresh tea flavor without the mess.”

November 2013 Reviews

A Little Bit of All of It

Julia from Natural Life Mom says, “Although I have mostly spoken to it’s use for hot loose leaf tea, the Libre Tea Glass is definitely not limited to just that! Any hot beverage (think hot chocolate, lattes, coffee, chai, etc) can be enjoyed in the Libre Tea Glass.”

Kayla from I Heart Giveaways suggests giving a Libre Tea glass to “someone who has recently switched to tea (or wants to find a healthier beverage to drink.”

Brittleby's Corner

Brittney from Brittlebys  Corner says, “I am a huge fan of Libre glasses as well as loose leaf tea. I have gotten so many compliments on my Libre glasses; they are definitely an eye catcher.”

Networking Witches Reviews Giveaways & Gift Guides

Networking Witches like using their Libre Tea glass, “I like so much about this tea travel mug that I don’t want to leave anything out. First, I was worried that when I filled it, it would be too hot to carry, it’s not. It fits perfectly in my car’s beverage holder.”

Stacey from Did You Know Canada says Libre Tea glass doesn’t “have to really be on the go – this glass is also perfect for the home, at the office, anywhere, because it’s so easy to use and keeps your tea HOT.”

Glenda from Mommies Point of View says, “I have one of their mugs and I love it. It is the only glass I ever use.” 

hi-key-collectionTina over at Giving n Sharing says, “I’ve been using Libre Tea Mugs for about 2 years now and I love how I can have a soothing cup of tea with either Loose Tea or by using my favorite Green Tea from Celestial Seasonings.”


Amy from Savvy Saving Couple says this about her Libre Mug, “This was exactly what I needed to prevent my tea from tipping over, plus the handle was ideal!”

Olivia from ‘This West Coast Mommy’ likes her Libre Original saying it “fits perfectly in my car’s cup holder and in my purse. Yeah, you heard read me correctly – I can carry my tea glass in my purse! No leaks!

Kerrie from Family Food and Travel loves her Libre saying “every time I use mine people ask me where I got it.  Libre Tea glasses are truly fantastic for any tea lover on your Holiday list.”

Becky from Purposeful Homemaking says the Libre Original is “a great fit in my stroller which is the perfect way to help warm up on brisk walk during this time of year.”

Today's Woman Community

Rose from Today’s Woman Blog says, “I use my Libre daily as I run between lecture to the city bus and train. Libre makes earlier mornings just a tad more bearable knowing that my tea will be with me throughout the day.”



October 2013 Reviews

The Hedonistic Minimalist loves her Libre Tea glass and says, “I encourage you all to take a moment to treat yourselves with a fabulous cup of tea in a beautiful Libre Tea Glass!!”

And Her Little Dog Too

Leslie from ‘And her Little Dog Too’ says this about her Libre Large, “It’s so great to be able to throw my favorite loose leaf tea in the glass, add some hot water and head out for the day.” We love her tea pictures too! 

Tuja Wellness is loving taking their tea on the go – “Luckily, Libre Tea was clever enough to find a solution, giving us more “tea moments” in our over-packed schedules. It’s also ridiculously easy to use.”

Create With Mom likes “Using the Libre glass helps my drink stay warm, so I can sip on it slowly without worrying about it getting cold.”

The Tea Gang Explores a Singbulli Darjeeling Tea from Happy Earth Tea. Little Yellow Teapot and Steeping Glass stood by for moral support while the Libre Mug does the steeping :-)

Chris from Dad of Divas  says, ‘Using this tea glass was easy.” of the Libre Large! He has a Libre mug too and says it has ‘a sturdy handle which makes it easy to use while you drink.”

Mary from Mary’s Cup of Tea says, “It makes good sense to take your Libre glass wherever you go and by doing so, you are helping our environment. The less mess we produce the less impact on our planet.

LibreTea Steeping Glass Does Dragonwell Just Right!

This is a guest post from our friend Little Yellow Teapot

Hi, I’m Little Yellow Teapot. About 4 years ago I was bought by some humans and taken to their house. From then on it’s been a real steep fest, with tea samples coming in from all over the U.S. and other countries. Soon, the flood of samples got to be too much for just me to steep, so when LibreTea Steeping Glass wanted to join in the action, I was more than happy to have some help. We had a little bit of male territorial staking out at first but quickly became good buddies and the founding members of the Tea Gang here at home.

Here, Steeping Glass takes charge in the steeping of a high-grade Dragonwell tea. He started out with some of the dry tea inside. Since this is a premium version, the tea is mostly whole buds (a very new leaf inside two new leaves closed tightly around it or even a little open). “SG” (as we call him around here) is ready to steep with the strainer part of the lid twisted tightly in place.



The vendor’s label says to use water heated to 75° C, steep the first time for 5 minutes, then the second, third, and possibly fourth steepings for 3 minutes each. “SG” did a splendid job, with my supervision, of course! And my humans really enjoyed the show, watching those buds grow plump with the water they were absorbing and growing heavy and descending. One of the things I cannot do as a little ceramic teapot is put on a show. “SG” is made of glass and poly, so he is quite the exhibitionist.



When the show is over, my humans just pour out the tea through the strainer and enjoy. Some humans even drink straight from the steeping glass, but mine prefer to drink from cups. Lots of flexibility and personal choice here.


Here is a close-up of the leaves, dry on the left and after steeping on the right. Boy, “SG” sure did the job here. The dry buds got to float free inside him and thus interact with the water, giving their all to create a wonderful liquid that was a rich, vegetal, nutty delight. Another great tea steeping by “SG” with my help, of course! TOOOOT!



Check out our blog: Little Yellow Teapot & the Tea Gang



August and September 2013 Reviews

Java John Z's

John from Java John Z’s said the process was ‘Pretty easy actually. Taste was normal. Cleanup was easy with the most work getting the spent tea leaves out of the filter.”

Vera from Give Oh Giveaway loves her Libre, she says, “I have to say that this is one of the best contraptions I have run into for a while.”

Josh from Living Herbal Tea is enjoying his Libre Tea glass. “This is my personal favorite way to enjoy healing herbal tea and I am so happy to be sharing my experience and support of this amazing product with you”

June and July 2013 Reviews

Inspired Life Health Centre in #Toronto ON has reviewed the Libre Tea Glass’n Poly Glass –

Randi from A Lucky Ladybug reviewed the Libre Original and says, “this a cute way to carry your tea everywhere you go but it helps keep your tea hot longer and the exterior cool to touch!”


MommyKnowz reviewed her Libre Tea Glass and says, “I LOVE the Libre Tea Glass and will be getting one for all my Tea Drinking Friends and Family!!”

Java John Z's

Check out what Java John Z’s and his wife liked the Libre Tea Mug, “Pretty easy actually. Taste was normal. Clean up was easy with the most work getting the spent tea leaves out of the filter.”

Mom 'N Daughter Savings

Jody from Mom n Daughter Savings says, “I love this and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone that drinks tea or needs a gift for someone.”


Sherryl from Simply Sherryl, an avid tea drinker, thinks her Libre is amazing, “Libre carries one of the neatest travel containers around.”

Kimberley from She Scribes likes her Libre infuser and “being able to use loose teas opens up a whole new world to me. Now I can order some of the really unique and exotic loose teas and enjoy them at home or on the go.”

April and May 2013 Reviews

Lori from Frugal Edmonton Mama says, “I really love the convenience of the filter system, inside the glass. This means that I can make a cup of tea and have it ready to go when the kids are in the morning.”

Kristy from Manager to Mom says, “ I LOVE my Libre glass’n poly Original tea glass! It’s gorgeous, leak-proof, non-toxic, portable and functions well.

Alicia from Fun Reviews & Giveaways has a Libre Tea Glass Large and says, “I use my Libre Tea Glass for soda and milk or koolaid! It works great for anything really.” at Sweet Pea Savings she says, I am really in love with how easy this is to use. You just add the tea to the bottle, fill it with hot water and replace the filter and the lid. Yes that’s it! It really is simple.”

Taste of August Jovana from Taste of August says, “I have been using the tea glass for a week now and love it. I love the fact that I can pour boiling water into my glass, grab it and run out the door in the mornings – no hot or boiling sensations felt!”

Angel from An Angel’s Kiss says this about her Libre Original, “This is genius … I have been wanting something like this for a long time.  If you love loose tea this is a must-have.  The design is gorgeous.  They certainly did not cut any corners in the looks department and this bad boy is so durable that it is hard to break.”

 photo  freebiesInMailbox_button_zps7afe884a.pngNaina from Freebies in Mailbox has a Libre glass’n poly Mug and says, “I liked the fact that Libre Tea Mug serves both purposes i.e it prepares and filters tea and it also works as a mug.”

BlendingFamilysBlogChristine from Blending Familys loves her Libre Mug for work, “I never leave the house without my Libre tea mug. I am so happy I have cut down on coffee and have been able to enjoy loose leaf in the mornings. I feel awake and know that I am making healthier choices.”

Kerrie from Family Food And Travel says, “Love tea.  It’s my favorite afternoon pick me up, or an evening cup of warmth.  As a tea lover, this busy mom loves the Libre Tea Infuser Mug.  I recently received one to try and I haven’t put it down since taking it out of the box.”