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Can the Libre tea glass be used for hot and cold tea?

Yes, the Libre tea glass is thermal because it is double walled; so hot beverages hot and cold stays cold. They are also great for fruit infusions and protein shakes.

Can you use a tea bag in the Libre tea glass?

Although the Libre tea glasses are designed for loose leaf tea, they can also be used with a tea bag.

How long do the tea glasses keep tea hot?

The Libre Glass ‘n Poly keeps your tea hot for approximately one hour and a half

Can Libre Glasses be put in the dishwasher and microwave?

No, for best results and longest life of your product, Libre Tea glasses should be washed by hand and should not be put in the microwave.

About Placing an Order

I made a mistake on my order, how can I fix it?

Please contact us immediately at info@libretea.com and we will do our best to cancel/adjust your original order before it is sent to our shipper. All orders are sent to processing at midnight and can not be changed/cancelled after this point.

Can I pay using a Paypal e-check?

It can take several business days for your e-Check transfer to complete and for your order to register as paid.

Because your e-Check payment does not appear as paid until the transfer is complete you cannot choose express shipping at check-out time. Your order will be shipped the day after your payment has cleared.

Here are clearing-time estimates based on which country your bank account is in.

  • U.S. -up to 4 business days
  • Canada – up to 8 business days
  • UK – up to 9 working days
  • Australia – 7-8 working days


About Shipping & Delivery

How long does it take to ship my order?

Orders placed on the web site and successfully completed will ship the next business day, unless you use PayPal E-check as a payment method (see above for more info).

Depending on the shipping method you selected, your order may take up to 21 days to arrive, although the average is between 4-8 days for most orders.

Can I track my order?

You will receive a confirmation email when you place the order and once shipped you’ll receive a second email containing a tracking link that can be used to check on shipping progress.

Do you ship to the US and UK, and where do the Libre tea glasses ship from?

Yes, we ship to the continental USA from our Los Angeles warehouse.

Orders shipped to the UK come from our London warehouse.

Order shipped in Canada come from our Vancouver warehouse.

Please Note: for shipments outside of the United States and Canada there may be local taxes, such as VAT, that will be payable by customer.

Do you ship to PO Boxes?

All orders with PO Boxes will be sent by regular post (Canada Post or United States Postal Service).

About the Glass-n Poly Styles

Will the Libre Glass ‘n Poly break?

The Libre Tea glasses are break resistant and spill resistant. We have had customers reporting drops on kitchen floors and the street without breakage. However, like any travel mug or glass product there is always a possibility for breaking, and reasonable care should always be applied when using your Libre Glass ‘n Poly tea product.

What do I do if I have a tea glass that leaks?

FIRST: Check to ensure that rubber seals are in place in both the filter connector and the lid.

Also ensure the joining threads are clean and dry – so no tea leaves where the pieces twist together, and all dry, as tea bits and water bubbles can compromise the seal.

Since our Libre Tea glass does not have a spout, like traditional teapots, that allow the steam to escape, these recommendations have been suggested to avoid possible leaking:

  • Watch the How to Use Your Libre Video
  • After filling with hot water, wait a cool down time (until steam clears) and then twist on the filter and lid.
  • Be careful not to overfill – add hot water to below the rim of the tea glass.
  • When opening, release the top lid slightly and then the filter slightly to ensure all water releases back into the glass and does not remain in the filter section
  • Try the replacement filter seal that came with your Libre Tea Glass. As hot water travels through microscopic openings a new seal maybe the solution.

If your tea glass is still challenged please contact us at info@libretea.com and describe where the leakage is coming from.  We will also need the Libre model, your address and telephone number.

We will ensure that it is fixed or replaced, so that you can continue enjoying tea moments.

A rubber seal came in my Libre box. What’s it for?

This is a spare silicone seal for the filter, should it get lost or damaged.

Will the lid fit onto the tea glass without the filter?

Yes the lid will fit directly into the tea glass if you choose to omit the filter connector after steeping, or choose to use it for any of your favourite non-tea beverages.

(And now you can buy separate lid/filter pairs so you can mix-and-match colours!)

What type of glass is used in the Libre Tea glasses?

All Libre Glass’n Poly tea glasses are made from Borosilicate glass – glass that is used in science labs similar to ‘Pyrex’.

“Borosilicate glass is resistant to temperature change because it does not expand like ordinary glass. It has a smoother transition between temperatures, and can even withstand different temperatures at the same time. That’s why a glass tray with cold casserole leftovers can go straight into a 350-degree oven and does not shatter when dropped into a sink full of cold water.”

(from Quorpak – a lab glass manufacturer – they do not manufacture Libres but it is the same kind of glass used).

Where are the Libre tea glasses made?

Libre tea glasses are made in a manufacturing plant in China. We personally visit the plant at least once per year to ensure quality and conditions, and to maintain our personal relationships with the people who make our products.


67 thoughts on “faq’s

  1. Hey,
    Just wondering if you would consider making a blank, unbranded version? Would love to be able to just see my tea inside and not the distracting logo advertisement all over it.
    Thank you! I think you’d sell even more if you created this option.

    1. Hi Max, Thank you for the suggestion. We do like our Libre Logo : ) but do understand some might not and will give it some thought.

  2. Hi,

    I love my libretea bottle but the top gets stuck and is very difficult to open. Which means that I burn myself on hot water every time I try to open the bottle. It has gotten increasingly worse (“stuckness”)

    Do I need to clean the threading of the screw on cap any differently s it does not stick?


    1. Joel, sorry to hear that you are having difficulty with your Libre Tea glass. Please email us at info@libretea.com with your address and which model you have.

      We will help and have you enjoying your tea moments soon!
      The Libre Team

  3. Hi – I purchased the large libre tumbler, and have been experimenting with it. I’ve found that the filter mesh is much too spacious to use with many of my blended teas that have finer paticles such as yerba mate. Really the only thing I can brew in it is a larger leaf tea. Do you have replacement filters that have a smaller/finer mesh?


    1. Hi James, No, I’m sorry we don’t have finer filters for the Large Libres. We have tried the finer filter on the Large and we found through trial and error that the finer filter does not work well with the larger glasses, creating too much of a pressure build up. The Libre Team

  4. Hello,
    I notice in your instructions that you say “hot water”. Can I add boiling water directly into my large Libre cup?

    1. Hi Teresa,

      Yes, it is OK to use boiling water in your Libre. Just be sure your Libre is close to room temperature (not freezing cold from being outside in the winter) and let the steam dissipate before closing.

      Kind regards,
      The Libre Team

  5. Hi! I have the large libre & I can’t seem to get the lid to connect without the filter on as well. Is that normal? Thanks!

  6. I’ve tried contacting your site previously as my tea bottle keeps leaking. No one has responded to my emails. This tea bottle is very disappointing. I’ve had it since Oct and will never buy this brand again. It does not steep upside down and the pieces are coming apart. Most notably, the lid with the strainer, the silver part is coming off the brown part. What shoddy materials!

    1. Hi Julie,

      I am so sorry to hear that you have such a problem Libre. We would definitely like to replace this for you. Please send us your address to info@libretea.com and let us know which Libre you own.

      I have searched my emails and the last email I received from you were Sept. 2012 when you were looking for a Libre in your area. Unfortunately, I have not received any others

      Please know that here at Libre Tea we do stand behind our products! We will make sure all Libre Tea owners have a properly working tea glass and are able to enjoy many Libre Tea moments!

      The Libre Team

  7. I cannot get the tea stain stuck between the plastic sealer and the glass at the top of bottle off. I have tried all means, can you help?

    1. Hi Mina, Vinegar and water with a soft toothbrush will fix most stains. If this doesn’t help please send us a picture, Libre size and your address to info@libretea.com and we’ll see what we can do. The Libre Team

  8. hi. love my libre tea, but sometimes liquid won’t come through the mesh, but then comes in a big gush…. any preventative/solution for this?

    1. It sounds like the tea leaves may be sticking to the filter. Just give that a check before sipping making sure there is open areas in the filter to allow the tea through. Swirling the tea around (with lid on :) may help to remove the leaves or you can take the filter off and remove the leaves from it. Wishing you many relaxing tea moments.

  9. Hello, I purchased my tea cup yesterday. I am noticing that there is water inside of the very top lid. It’s a very pretty design, but there is water in there from hand washing and I am concerned that this standing water inside the lid will cause mold. Is my lid defective, or is this a common occurence? Pretty disappointed considering the fact that it is only 1 day old and already has an issue!

    1. Hi Nadine, Thanks for connecting. Unfortunately it does sound like you have a faulty lid. Please email us at info@libretea.com with your address, Libre model (original, large or Mug with handle) and we will send you a new lid. The Libre Team

  10. Hello.
    I am considering picking up one of your awesome looking tea mugs, but i know some teas have particular steeping times.

    What kind of teas do you recommend that can be left in the cup without oversteeping?

  11. Hi, I have bought your large tea cup. I watched the how-to video and have been following the instructions to a t. However, whenever I put hot/boiling water in the container (I let the steam dissipate before sealing it), it always leaks when I put it upside down to steep. Furthermore, there seems to be a water build-up between the glass and plastic. I do not think this is normal but I’ve been having trouble with my cup ever since I bought it. I am unable to bring it back to where I bought it because I bought it in North Vancouver while on vacation and I live in New Brunswick. Can you help?

    1. Hi Renee, Yes, we can definitely help. It is not normal to have a water build up between the glass and poly. Please email us at info@libretea.com with your address, telephone number for shipping purposes, and a picture of the issue and we will replace this for you. The Libre Team

  12. HI!
    Was just reading the other comments and am very impressed with your customer service and products. I have the large size Libretea mug and have loved it for the several years I’ve had it. Love the transparency, the size, the lid, the hand-feel! My mug is battered and well-loved and is finally now leaking between the layers after being dropped one too many times–Can’t wait to buy my next one! Any chance you sell them locally here in Bend? Thanks again for the awesome product!!!

    1. Thank you for your kind words :) Unfortunately we do not have any retailers near or in the Bend. However tomorrow, Dec. 10th is Tea Tuesday and we will be having a special 1 day sale. So you might want to visit our website tomorrow.

    1. We have never had this question before or tried using the Libre as a french press so I had to look it up :) (http://www.wisebread.com/french-press-coffee) We can only guess that it should work as both use a fine mesh filter and as long as you use coarse ground coffee beans. The Libre Original has the fine filter. If you decide to go this route please let us know how it works.

  13. I, too, have had water build-up between the poly and the glass ever since I rinsed it out before first use. This was given to me as a gift so I am not sure what model I have. I would guess a large tumbler-style.

    1. Thank you for contacting us. I am sorry to hear that you are having problems with your Libre Tea glass. Please send me a picture of the water between the layers for our records and to show the manufacturer. This definitely shouldn’t be happening and we will replace it for you.

      The best way to tell which Libre you have is to use a measuring cup and fill it with 8oz/250ml of water and pour it into your Libre. If it almost fills it up – you have the Original – if it is a little more than half – you have the Large. Here are the sizes – the Original (260ml/9oz), the Large (420ml/14oz) and the Mug with handle (290ml/10oz).

      Please send us (info@libretea.com) your address and telephone number (for shipping purposes) with the picture and Libre model and I will order you a new Libre Tea glass.

      Kind regards,

      The Libre Team

  14. I recently just purchased a libre large. I dropped it today for the first time and the inside shattered. Givent the ‘pyrex’ type glass used inside as per your site, is this normal? Im very sad. : ( I loved it the 7 times i used it : (

    1. Hi Catherine,

      I am sorry to hear that your new Libre Large has broken. Although our Libre glass ‘n polys are durable, there is always a chance that they might break when they fall, as any glass product might.
      We do have a 1 month warranty on breakage and a 12 month warranty should any other problems arise. Please send us a picture, your address and telephone number (for shipping purposes) to info@libretea.com and we will replace this for you.

      Kind regards
      The Libre Team

  15. I love your tea infusers and received one as a gift – unfortunately my infuser leaks and I can’t use it. I looked at your video and followed all the instructions and I believe that my infuser has a faulty seal. I am wondering if you have a suggestion on how I can deal with this problem. Thank you.

    1. Hi Dorothy,

      Sorry to hear that your new Libre is leaking. Have you tried the spare filter seal that came with your Libre? If the seal does not solve the leaking issue please email us at info@libretea.com with your address and telephone number (for shipping purposes) and let us know which Libre Tea glass you have (Original, Large or Mug).

      The Libre Team

  16. I recently purchased my large Libre tea glass at a Christmas market, and I absolutely love it! A friend had one and I had been coveting it for months. I bought a less expensive tea glass somewhere else, but it was a cheap imitation. I am now enjoying many different teas every day. I am also very impressed with the customer service.

  17. I purchased a Large Libra tumbler, like the one in your How To Video. I am not happy with it. If I put tea in the tumbler, it comes through the filter when I drink it. If I put tea in the filter, it goes through into the tumbler when I turn it upside down. I’ve tried different brand teas, all with the same result. I end up straining the tea into another cup to drink it. That defeats the whole purpose of a travel tumbler. It doesn’t work at all like the video.

    1. Hi Nancy, It is very rare to have problems with tea leaves coming through the large filter. Although some have had this issue with rooibos and other finer teas. The Libre Original has a finer filter that works well for all teas, rooibos included. We have found through trial and error that the finer filter does not work well with the larger glasses, creating too much of a pressure build up to steep properly. Kind regards, The Libre Team

  18. Hi I bought the doubled walled 14 ouncer and my roommate the knucklehead tossed my box it came in and the instructions to use it properly went with it could ya email me the instructions sheet? Also I drink chinese loose tea ans bought a kilo of gunpowder green tea and would like to know how much tea to fill in there so as to not overdo it. I tried and failed because I overdid it and the tea was too strong and bitter which I’d like to avoid in the near future. Can you help me??

    1. Hi Richard, Please see our ‘how to use your tea glass‘ page for instructions and the video. For the gunpowder tea use about 3/4 teaspoon for every 6-8 oz. Brew with 180 F for approx. 3 mins – tea strength is all preference so you need to experiment with what you like. The Libre Team

  19. Hi, I really love my libre tea tumbler, I watched the tutorial before i used it, and it was the perfect size, i bought the 14 oz. I only had it for about a month and the glass inside broke.
    Do these have any kind of warranty?

    1. Yes, you can Co-brand your logo with Libre – branding is on the interior glass for long time love and as its done at the factory there is a minimum order of 1000 Libres and 8-10 weeks lead time with a 50% order deposit. If you would like more info please email us at info@libretea.com.

  20. Hi there!
    First, I wanted to say that I love my Libre Tea tumbler glass and it is my everyday go to. However, I am now concerned because there is water and steam build up between the glass and ploy. Is this normal? Does that mean there is something wrong with it? I haven’t put it in the dishwasher or anything like that. It doesn’t look like it is leaking, so I can’t figure out how the water build up is getting inbetween the layers. Is there anything I can do about it? Also, the trim around the mesh has come loose, so tighening it is a bit awkward but not a big deal. Thanks!

    1. Thank you for contacting us and the Libre Love. I am sorry to hear that you are having problems with your Libre Tea glass. Please send us a picture of the water and steam between the layers for our records and to show the manufacturer. This shouldn’t be happening and isn’t normal.

      Please email us your address and telephone number (for shipping purposes) with the picture and Libre model (the Original (260ml/9oz), the Large (420ml/14oz) or the Mug with handle (290ml/10oz)and we will order you a new Libre Tea glass.

      Kind regards,
      The Libre Team

      1. Thank you Libre Tea! I got my tea tumber!! Great service!!! A vendor was selling your tea tumbler at the Green Living Show and I picked one up for a co-worker.

  21. Hi,

    Do you ship to Australia? I am trying to purchase bit when I type in for calculation of shopping cost, nothing comes up.



  22. Hi there! I recently received a libretea tumbler as a gift, and I’ve just tried it out! Love it so far, but when I was unscrewing everything, a white ring/seal fell out of it, and I’m not sure where it goes when I reassemble! I did get an extra ring in a plastic baggie, so I assume it’s a replacement seal… but I need to know where the original goes! I assume on the filter piece and not the lid? Might be a silly question, but it’s been a looooong day 😉

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Andrea, Not a silly question at all :) The white seal goes inside the filter, pushed up and around the filter screen. Wishing you many relaxing moments with your new Libre Tea glass. The Libre Team

  23. Hi there, I just bought my first libretea tumbler. I was excited to use my tumbler, I washed it & noticed that the top of the lid had water in it. After washing the tumbler I dried it then poured hot water in & notice that was bubbles of water coming out from the bottom of the tumbler. I waited for the steam to dissipate to place the filter in with my tea. I flipped the tumbler upside down, the tumbler started to leak. I checked the seal & the treads all was good. I watched your video before using the tumbler I don’t think I’m doing it wrong. Please help. Thanks!

    1. Hi Dorothy, I am sorry to hear that you are having problems with your Libre Tea glass. It does sound like you have a faulty glass. Please send us (info@libretea.com) a picture of bubbles from the bottom of the glass for our records and to show the manufacturer. Libres do have a 1 year warranty on parts.
      Which Libre Tea glass do you have – one of the Libre Classic collections: Large (420ml/14oz), Original (260ml/9oz), Mug with handle (290ml/10oz)? Or one of the Libre Life collections: 14oz Lively Leaves, the 14oz Starburst, the 9oz Black Brush, the 14oz Black Brush.

      Please send us your address and telephone number (for shipping purposes) with the picture and Libre model to info@libretea.com and we’ll order you a new Libre Tea glass.

      Kind regards,
      The Libre Team

  24. loving the tea glass. Had the Large Black brush. Had is the key word. I don’t really have much of a problem with the product perse. But I find them a little too fragile for military use. Keep dropping them and finding the inner glass breaking or having them not survive a simple field ex. What say you to making a heavy duty military grade version for us tea drinkers on the front lines?

    Or at the very leat one where the inner glass is replaceable so when one breaks I can swap it out?

    1. Thank you for the suggestion. Although our Libre glass ‘n polys are durable, there is always a chance that they might break when they fall, as any glass product might, especially during field ex :-) Send us an email to info@libretea.com and we will see if we can get you a new glass.

  25. Hey,
    I just bought two Libres and I think they are fantastic. The only thing I am concerned about is that when I fill my cup with boiling water and close the (bottom half) of the lid, I go to take a sip it leaks. I have two 18oz Libres, they are both the same. I was wondering if I should buy a diffrent lid instead of the plastic lid…would this make a diffrence? I have only had them for two days..Otherwise the tea glass is a fantastic idea!

    1. Hi Selena,

      We are sorry to hear that you are having problems with both your 14oz Libres. Leaking is usually caused by a faulty or missing seal in the filter or by a buildup of pressure.

      Have you tried the filter replacement seal that came with the Libre? If the spare seals do not solve the problem please email us at info@libretea.com. Let us know which Libre Large 14oz glass you have and your address.

      We will make sure you have a properly working Libre Tea glass.

      The Libre Team

  26. Hello, I posted a week or so ago and now do not see the post that I made up on this feed. Was it deleted? I love your bottles, but the top lip of the bottle has collected debris from coffee and I have not found a good way to clean it. I have used a soapy toothbrush and also soaked the top of the bottle in a water/bleach solution. Please advise on how to best clean this area of your bottles. Thank you!

    P.S. We have two bottles and this has happened to both of them.

    1. Hi Mara,

      I am sorry if we missed your post last week and sorry to hear about the trouble you are having with your Libre lids. It sounds like those stains are quite stubborn. Usually vinegar water and a soft toothbrush is all that’s needed to clean the Libres. Please send us a picture (info@libretea.com) of the stained lids for our records and to show the manufacturer. We have a 1 year parts warranty for Libres that develop a problem and a 30 day warranty on breakage.

      Which Libre Tea Classic glasses do you have – Large (420ml/14oz), Original (260ml/9oz) or Mug with handle (290ml/10oz)?

      Please send us your address and telephone number (for shipping purposes) with the picture and Libre model and I will order you new Libre lids.

      The Libre Team

  27. How should i deal with getting an exchange? I bought a libre cup at my local tea shop and there is a hair stuck in it between the glass and plactic layers. I have never even used it and have the receipt and original packaging. I’m disappointed because i really love the cup and want to be able to enjoy it!

    1. Hi Jolee, How disappointing! Please send us (info@libretea.com) your address and telephone number (for shipping purposes) with the picture of the hair and Libre model and we will order you a new Libre Tea glass. The Libre Team

  28. I would appreciate knowing what KIND OF GLASS THAT that is used for the inside layer ?

    Is it the kind of glass that sounds “cling cling” when you click two units of them together (as when you toast at weddings), or is it a different kind of glass (and what is the name of this glass)?

    thank you


    1. All Libre Glass’n Poly tea glasses are made from Borosilicate glass – glass that is used in science labs similar to ‘Pyrex’. As the glass is the inside layer, I don’t think you will get a ‘cling cling’ sound when clicking together.

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