Give First

Big ‘g’ Gratitude for our abundance – and now Give First daily for true wealth.

A man’s true wealth is the good he does in this world.”
— Muhammad (570 – 632 CE)

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Give First – What a perfect way to start your day! Make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy a tea moment then click the links below for charity. 

  1. Give Free Books
  2. 7 Days of Clean Water
  3. Help Children International Fight Poverty
  4. Help Stop Violence Against Women
  5. Help Literacy
  6. Child Healthcare     


Give Water Give Food Give Education


How does clicking every day help? Sponsors advertise on these pages and donate with every daily click you make.

Looking for more ways to help? 


A brief introduction into the concept of microvolunteering from Help from Home and how you can change the world with just a few minutes in your pyjamas!



6 thoughts on “Give First

  1. Good idea! I wish other businesses would pick up on this. I’m giving to the “Wounded Warrior Project” and I may pick one of these also.

  2. As a teacher, my favorites are Give Free Books and Help Literacy. Thanks for these links.

    Another fun one is Kids can practice math or literacy skills and with each question answered, you earn free food donated to those in need.

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