marlene-lowden-28-06-16NOW is the best time for your healthy rituals.

We are celebrating women’s health for October

10% off all our Pink Libre infusers ($99 for a 6 pack) and we will donate $1 for every Pink Libre purchased online during the month.

AND …. We want you to tell us who to give the money to – later this month we will ask you to vote. See our Facebook Page to suggest your organization NOW.

To be eligible, this organization is:

  • a Canadian or USA non-profit, or charitable organization,
  • in intentional service of women’s health and,
  • promoting a holistic approach to health (Lifestyle, prevention and treatment)

With October being breast cancer fundraising month, we believe that daily rituals of good health are essential – and a lifestyle approach is needed that goes ’round the clock – from morning peaceful routines, or breaks to decrease stress, or healthy snacks prepared or a good laugh with friends – whatever feeds your body and soul – that’s what we believe.

Be with Libre and be healthy
What we do know is that the Libre infuser is great health companion – for healthy teas, fruit and herbal infusions – we will be featuring health options on how to use your Libre infuser throughout the month.

The Libre’s removable filter is convenient and multi-purpose with its durable poly exterior it is ready for your active lifestyle.

Check out @libretea on on Facebook and Instagram as we share and ask for your feedback on healthy elixirs to keep your body and soul, happy and healthy.


Be good to yourself – as good as you are to everyone else:)