A collection of reviews from Libre users.



Libre MugLaura from Michigan Savings and More has this to say about the Libre Tea Mug, “My mom love using loose tea, having a glass interior and the fact that it keeps it hot for a long time, will make this the perfect gift for her.”


Naomi from This Roller Coaster Called Life says, “I’ve been impressed with how well it works and how easy it is to clean! Libre infusers are different from other tea infusers I’ve had. ”

Oh My Heartsie Girl

Karren from Oh My Heartsie Girl  says, “The Libre Tea Mugs And Glasses were inspired for tea drinkers, they are very pretty and I love the look.”

Heather from Here We Go Again…Ready? has reviewed the Libre Life Collection.  She says, “No matter what flavor of tea you use or type you get a great tasting tea that stays warm so much longer than any other method!”

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