Thoughtful Thursday Tea Moments with Wendy and Dr. B. Grace Bullock

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  Just in time for Valentines Day! Do you want more loving and respectful relationships, even in this stressful world? How can mindfulness contribute to our relationships? Today we are talking to Dr. Grace Bullock and hear her expert advice – … Read More

Hot and Healthy Herbal Tea Moments – Enter the Giveaway

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    Hot and healthy herbal teas offer many health benefits and make for easy and healing herbal tea moments. We’ve mentioned the health benefits of herbal combinations of Turmeric, Ginger and Cinnamon  and Lemon, Ginger and Raw Honey. Here … Read More

Tea Moment Quotes

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  Tea, for me, is symbolic of an ancient ritual celebrating the secular as sacred. It is a space to take a breath, reconnect with oneself and the world. It is a time to stop to enjoy life, people and … Read More

Hot and Healthy Matcha Tea Moments

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  Hot and Healthy Matcha Tea Moments are great for adding many health benefits to your daily routine. Matcha is a “superfood,” rich in anti-oxidants and is reported to significantly improve clarity of mind, memory recall and retention. It has … Read More

Hot and Healthy January with Turmeric, Ginger and Cinnamon Tea

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  Have you ever tried Turmeric, Ginger and  Cinnamon Tea? It’s a favourite hot and healthy tea moment around the office; with it ‘s spicy and warming flavours and delicious taste. This is known to be an effective anti-inflammatory tonic … Read More

Hot and Healthy Lemon, Ginger and Raw Honey

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    January is National Hot Tea Month. A hot and healthy tea moment is welcome at any time of day or year, but especially in the cold winter months. Here is one of our favourite hot and healthy infusions: … Read More

Choose Nourishing over Numbing with Tanis Frame

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  Guest Post by Libre Leading Light Tanis Frame Tanis is a science-geek, soul-sister, thrive-catalyst, playevangelist, world champion, and mom to two fierce young girls. She is also the powerhouse behind the DECIDE to THRIVE REVOLUTION- inspiring women to live their … Read More

2016 Media

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                    Margaret from Frugal Shopping and More says, “I have used Libre Tea Glasses for four years now because they have made drinking loose leaf tea so much easier. I even … Read More

Rituals for Gratitude and Breathe with Steffany Moonaz

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    Steffany Moonaz, PhD, RYT-500 is a yoga therapist and researcher in Baltimore, MD.  She began investigating the importance of mind-body activities at just 3 years old, and has always had a passion and a curiosity about the healing … Read More

Chanting Practice for Inspiration and Healing

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Cora Wen, Founder of Yoga Bloom, a 300-hour advanced yoga teacher training, is an international specialist in yoga therapy. She teaches throughout Asia, Canada and the United States. Her style of the funky fusion of humor, anatomy and Chinese meridian … Read More

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