On February 14th and 15th the Libre tea glass was a big hit at the Victoria Tea Festival with Murchie’s Tea and Coffee. SNAP Victoria came by and caught us in the action – the Tea Festival was fun and full of great tea and accessories. The Libre tea glass was a big hit with… Read More

The Victoria Tea Festival is happening Valentine’s weekend. I’m looking forward to joining Murchies Tea and Coffee. The festival organisers say it is the largest public tea exhibition in North America.  I’m looking forward to learning more about teas from all over. There are seminars, tastings (I know Murchie’s will have several of their infamous… Read More

Often i have received very positive comments about the design and style of  the Libre tea glass – certainly i enjoy knowing that people are enjoying ‘tea moments on the go’. Recently i have received some reports of  the outer metal ring on the tea glass coming off of the tea filter connector. The manufacturer has… Read More

Great news the Vancouver Magazine is showing the Libre tea glass as  the ‘Hot Buy’ on page 100 of the January 2009 edition!!!! so glad its making such a positive entry into the lives of tea drinkers. Murchie’s Tea and Coffee is selling the tea  glass and so is Unity Yoga at E 10th Ave and… Read More

I received the book ‘Three Cups of Tea’, the story of Greg Mortenson’s journey to set up schools primarily for girls, in Pakistan and Afghanistan.  It is based on a true story - this climber was saved by residents of a small village and he vowed to return and repay them and repay them he did.… Read More

world tea news is an organisation that tracks, reports on and provides conferences for the tea industry in North America. they have just released their report of  tea in 2008”tea in 2008′   .  It reports on important trends – and tea seems to becoming a more popular drink all the time. even Starbucks announced… Read More

Interconnection is the foundation of Libre and so we give as we can.  Here are opportunities.  Succes in the future will be the freedom to give ever growing support to issues needing our care and attention.  Of course for a great cup of tea – water is so important. When Wateraid provides a community with ongoing and… Read More

My journey to begin this tea glass business started back in China in 2006 when I traveled for 3 weeks and visited Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Lijiang, Chengdu and Changsha. Originally my interest in traveling was in Chinese philosophy and gardens. I studied Taoism so saw many temples and had a marvelous trek up a mountain… Read More