Thirsty Thursday Interview w/ Dr. B Grace Bullock

Here is our replay of  our Thirsty Thursday interview with Dr. B Grace Bullock.   Libre tea’s Thirsty Thursday – November’s theme is creating outer peace and Dr. B Grace Bullock has some great ideas for creating outer peace in your world – especially for those family holiday gatherings

January 2014 Reviews

Maggie from Black Dog Asana loves her Libre Mug and says, “Libre Tea Is Liberating Us from Limiting Libations Yet Again!”  Lindsay from Strive to Stride says, “Libre has been an important part of my everyday for over 4 years. Thanks for making such an amazing product.” Amanda over at Open Hands says, “I simply

December 2013 Reviews

Super-mom Taylor Wells from Best Life Ever talks about her Libre Tea glass. Marissa from Hip and Healthy Kids says Libre Tea glasses makes a stylish, healthy and eco-friendly way to brew a cup of tea.   Robin from inspired by Savannah says, “Ever since receiving the Libre Loose Leaf On the Go Tea Mug, I

November 2013 Reviews

Julia from Natural Life Mom says, “Although I have mostly spoken to it’s use for hot loose leaf tea, the Libre Tea Glass is definitely not limited to just that! Any hot beverage (think hot chocolate, lattes, coffee, chai, etc) can be enjoyed in the Libre Tea Glass.” Kayla from I Heart Giveaways suggests giving

October 2013 Reviews

The Hedonistic Minimalist loves her Libre Tea glass and says, “I encourage you all to take a moment to treat yourselves with a fabulous cup of tea in a beautiful Libre Tea Glass!!” Leslie from ‘And her Little Dog Too’ says this about her Libre Large, “It’s so great to be able to throw my