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USA: 425 320 4660
UK: (020) 32 868 112
AU: 61-028-006-1242
Fax: 604 648 8510

If you are having any trouble with your Libre Tea glass please watch the ‘how to’ video.  For recent purchases, we ask that you please contact the store where you purchased the Libre as it may be covered under their exchange/return policy. If not, please contact us at At that time, we will need to know which Libre Tea glass and size (9oz or 14oz) you have, when/where the glass was purchased, your address, telephone number, and a picture is helpful. We are happy to help in any way we can.

Here are our FAQ for more information.

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  • I can’t seem to clean the area where the glass portion meets the plastic portion at the lip of the mug. Have any tips or tricks? Soaking doesn’t seem to work. I can send you a picture if you want to see.

    • Hi Patricia, Thank you for connecting with us. Usually a soft toothbrush and vinegar will clean up any tea stain. Yes, a picture will be great to see the issue better so we can help. Please send to Cindy at

  • Have been using the large tea mug for several months now, love it! However recently I’ve noticed that remnants of my tea has seeped in between the glass and plastic layers.
    Most days, I add a bit of matcha powder to my tea. As I tried rinsing out the mug at work, I wasn’t sure why the green matcha was still on the side of the mug. Once the mug was washed and dried at home, I now see that it’s b/c the leftover matcha liquid is trapped inside the mug.

    How do I clean this out??? I have taken pictures of this and if requested, can email them.

  • Love my new Libre teapot/thermos/glass. I have the 14 ounce version.

    I like Roobios, but I find that the Roobios grass is too fine to be trapped by the filter on the Libra glass. I’m thinking of using some silk as a filter. Any tips or ideas on that you’d care to share with me?

    Anyways, I glad to see you don’t use your amazing marketing powers for evil, only for good or for awesome. 😀

    • Hi Allan, Thank you for the Libre Love 🙂 We don’t have any tips at the moment but yours does sound interesting. Please let us know how it works out 🙂 The Libre Team

  • Just wondering if the silk idea or anything else worked. I am having the same problem with some Uji gyokuro green tea where the tea is a bit too fine for the filter and my tea is becoming too strong.

    • We didn’t hear back as to how well the silk helped. If you are not already, you could try steeping method 2 – putting the tea leaves in the filter, add the lid and then invert (watch our How to Video for more detailed instructions) this way you can remove the tea leaves to prevent the tea from getting too strong. Also our Libre Original does have a finer filter.

  • Hi. I bought the Libre 9 oz. Loose Leaf Tea Glass. I love how you have integrated glass and plastic together, such a fantastic idea. Like some of the previous comments, I am finding that the teas I drink are too fine and are passing through the filter. Also, I find that if I am drinking peppermint tea (one of my favourites) the leaves clog the filter, making drinking from my Libre 9 oz. Loose Leaf Tea Glass travel container nearly impossible. I watched the video and the second method sounds like a good idea and would solve most my problems. I bought the Libre 9 oz. Loose Leaf Tea Glass so that my teas would touch as little plastic as possible. If I use the second method, then my teas will be steeping in the plastic area rather than the glass area.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this. Have a wonderful day.

    • It’s very rare to hear that the finer teas are not working with Libre original finer filter. Yes, some tea leaves do like to cling to the filter, beyond recommending the second steeping method, we don’t have another solution.

      Libre Tea glasses no longer have poly carbonate – instead we use poly Tritan (Kodak patented plastic) making our Libre Tea glasses 100% BPA Free. Hoping this will ease your mind when steeping using the second method.

      Wishing you many peaceful tea moments.

      The Libre Team

  • I bought one of the large flasks at the Yoga Show in London and I’m a bit disappointed with it. It looks beautiful but rather than keeping the tea, by a couple of hours it is barely warm and there is condensation between the 2 layers. Would the 2 be connected!
    I would appreciate your comments.
    Thank you

    • Your Libre Tea glass keep your tea hot for at least an hour. Yes, the condensation between the layers could definitely cause the loss in temperature and definitely should not be happening. Please send us a picture of the condensation for our records and to show the manufacturer.

      Libre Tea glasses do have a one year warranty for manufacturing issues. Please send us your address and telephone number (for shipping purposes) with the picture to and we will replace this for you.

      Wishing you many peaceful tea moments.

    • It depends on the shipping method you choose. Standard shipping takes 5-7 business days. Processing the orders takes 1 day. Son order placed today, would ship tomorrow (the next business day) and should arrive on or before the 27th.

  • I purchased 2 14oz tea glasses in ucluelet bc just before Christmas one for my wife one for me we love these things we work for parks Canada and a lot of outside workers here also have these glasses I am very sorry to say I have a problem with mine I drink 10 glasses of tea a day when I turn it upside down it leaks I have burned my self a number of times nothing serious tho I have returned to my place of purchase and informed these people of the problem they in turn filled the tea glass many times with hot water turned it upside down and yes you guessed it no leaking I told them no problem I just don’t trust the thing any more I even offered to purchase another one at my expense there comment to me was why would you want to do that there is nothing wrong with this one at this stage I left the store I came home made tea turned it upside down guess what it leaks tried it for many days it leaks since then my tea glass sits under the sink I now use my wifes tea glass no problem I have never gone back to this store and I buy my tea in port alberni or tofino I have to say the man and woman that run the store in ucluelet are very polite and understanding however that dose not solve the problem my wife does not say so but I know she misses her libre tea glass thank you james

    • Hi James,

      Thank you for contacting us. That is very strange and I can understand your frustration.

      Is the Libre leaking between the glass and the filter or the filter and the lid? Have you tried the filter replacement seal that came with the Libre?

      Please send us your address and telephone number, for shipping purposes to and we will help!

      Kind regards,
      The Libre Team

  • Hi there,

    I recently purchased a tea mug. When I went to wash it I almost cut myself on the strainer. There are several areas where the metal threads have pulled away from the outside of the strainer piece, causing some very sharp edges. Can I have a replacement strainer piece?

    thank you,


    • I am sorry to hear that the filter of your Libre Tea glass is so sharp. Please send us a picture of the sharp edges of the filter, Libre model – the Original (260ml/9oz), the Large (420ml/14oz) or the Mug with handle (290ml/10oz), your address and telephone number (for shipping purposes)and we will send you a new filter.

  • I really love the idea behind your product. It’s smart, and beautifully designed.

    Unfortunately, I have known 5 people now (including myself) who have had issues with their Libre tea tumbler leaking EVERYWHERE. We’ve experimented with hot, warm, and cold water… and it always ends up the same way. This way we ruled out the expansion/contraction law of physics. Cold water would have made the seal tighter by physics… yet it still leaked.

    I’ve even put the tea tumbler upside down for 20 minutes… had no leaks… put it in my bag, and all 500mLs leaked out everywhere.

    We bought our Libre tea infusers from a local store, and we all returned them for a refund. I just wanted to give you some feedback. I think your tea infusers are BEAUTIFUL, but you should try to formulate a more leak-proof seal for future customers!

    • Hi Erica,

      Thank you for contacting us. I am really sorry to hear that you and your friends have had such bad experiences with the Libre Tea glass. This isn’t the usual experience and if all Libres came from 1 store it sounds like it may be a faulty batch. It’s very strange that the Libre didn’t leak upside down, but emptied right side up. It sounds like there may have been a small crack at the base of the glass.

      We have worked with an engineer who went to the factory, oversaw the process, suggested changes that we have implemented, which have improved the quality – now the inner glass (the variance culprit) is machine cut to a very fine tolerance.

      Please know that here at Libre Tea we do stand behind our products! We will make sure all Libre Tea owners have a properly working tea glass and are able to enjoy many Libre Tea moments!

      Once again I am so sorry that you have had this negative experience and hope that, sometime in the future, you will give our product another try.

      The Libre Team

  • Hi, I have been chasing a travel tea cup like this that is glass but can’t find one in Australia. Please pretty please do you ship to Australia. I would love 2 of them if possible.



  • hello, just a question ive sent a couple of email requesting my tracking number and dates for receiving my libre order but i haven’t gotten a respond just been told i would be contacted and was never contacted back

    • Hi Maria, We replied to you on the 10th and 15th of December. Your order should be delivered by the end of the week, if not sooner. Kind regards, The Libre Team

  • Hi, I bought the 14 oz tea glass back in May (I think) and have not used it extensively. The aluminum bottom fell off today. It does not affect the tea making, it’s just disturbing! Thought you should know.

    • Hello, we are sorry to hear that the bottom fell off your Libre Classic Large tea glass. This does fall under our 1 year warranty. Please send us a picture of the broken glass for our records and to show the manufacturer.

      Please send us your address and telephone number (for shipping purposes) with the picture to and we will order you a new Libre Tea glass.

      Happy Holidays,
      The Libre Team

  • Hi I previously posted to find out if you sold the mesh strainers for the Libre as mine has come away from the cap. I did find it on your website but the shipping is just as much as the replacement part which totals 1/2 the price of a brand-new mug, do you sell them in any stores so I can avoid the shipping? I’m in Vancouver B.C. Thank you

    • Hi Nancy, Thank you for contacting us. Replacement parts are only sold at The shipping posted is the shipping price we would pay to ship to you. Kind regards, The Libre Team

  • Hi there, I received a Libre mug for Christmas and enjoyed it for about a week, until the fluid started to leak between the glass chamber and the plastic thermal layer. I was extremely disappointed! Some of the milk from my tea has even ended up between the layers and I am worried it’s going to fester. It doesn’t feel like the glass and plastic layers are even sealed, as they shift ever so slightly. I can’t eve use this mug now, for fear that the inner chamber will keep filling up.

    • Hi Jenna, We are sorry to hear that you are having problems with your Libre Tea glass. This definitely should not be happening and the two layers should not be loose at all. We have a 1 year parts warranty for Libres that develop a problem and a 30 day warranty on breakage. Please contact us at with the Libre Tea glass model and size (9oz or 14oz) you have, your address, telephone number, and a picture is helpful and we will replace this glass for you. The Libre Team

  • I love my libre tea mug….however it slipped out of my hands today at work when I was taking it frmo my purso to put on the counter & the outside plastic cracked at the top of the mug….the glass on the inside as well as the lid is perfectly fine…is there anyway to just replace the outisde layer? Please let me knoow what my options are. Thank you!!

    as a suggestion….if you know a place that sells the mugs locally…perhaps they can place an order for the replacement part you need with thier next order to save you on the shipping costs. Just a thought!!

    • We are sorry to hear that your Libre Tea glass broke when it fell. Although our Libre glass ‘n polys are durable, there is always a chance that they might break when they fall, as any mug might.
      We have a 1-year warranty for Libres that develop a problem and a 30 day warranty on breakage. For more help please email – include a picture of your broken Libre, date of purchase and your address with telephone number.

      The Libre Team

  • I have read most of the comments here and cannot understand why so many people are having problems. Mine has been in daily use since I received it a couple of years ago, no problems ever!

  • I wrote a message several days ago about how poorly a part of a Libre tea glass had worn and I resented having to pay for the part because the warranty had expired. I had bought one product and it was great the second product ( larger glass) clearly had a default.
    Too bad 1) not getting a response and to that I (and my community) will not recommend this product,

    • I am sorry we didn’t get to your comment sooner and to hear that you are having problems with your Libre glass. We have a 1 year parts warranty for Libres that develop a problem and a 30-day warranty on breakage.I have forwarded your info to You should have a response shortly.

  • I’m not sure if it is just mine, or all of them are the same, but I recently got the libre tea mug and I always have problems trying to twist the filter onto the mug. I’m not sure whether it’s because it’s new or whatever the case, but it is super stiff and doesnt twist on smoothly and sometimes can take me 5 mins or more, and mulitple of spills to just get it on right. The top lid is fine though.

    • My mug just leaked while it was in my bag and soaked eveything in my bag. The lid was on but I think the lid is faulty . I previously owned a libre life 9Oz and never had any problems with it. I am getting pretty annoyed with the mug. Please let me know what can be done

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