We have visited our factory in China 4 times and each time our relationship with the folks there is closer and more dear to us – they work very hard for us and listen to our suggestions.

We’ve even had a Canadian engineer to the factory to review the production processes and as the years have gone by they adapted to recommendations and even bought new machinery to continually improve our product quality.

The conditions at the factory are very good with a beautifully clean cafeteria that offers free lunch. Most employees, however, go home for lunch as it’s a one-factory town in inland China – and with very few employees, less than 5% are living away from home and family to work there.

factory-team-lunch-2016In our most recent trip, our highlight was to share a meal with the front line assembly team and Mrs. Shi, their supervisor – we drank, we toasted, and we appreciated each other as the people we are – human family sharing this planet and creating tea moments to be shared around the world.

And finally, I must share my immense gratitude for Anita, my trusted factory liaison from Taiwan, and Sino, our factory representative, both of whom are in photos below and both of whom are intrinsic and vital to inspiring all the tea moments that we do.

Thanks for your interest in this information – for us it is near and dear to hearts for our connection with our supplier.

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