With Libre tea glasses, #teamoments at home or ‘on the go’ are so convenient!

How to Make Matcha in your MatchaGo from Libre

 – no more whisk and bowl –

– see **Steam Warning below before you start –


The quick & easy way: put matcha in glass (1-2 grams), add your liquid, put on filter & lid… shake well… and go! Carefully shake well, especially if using **hot water.

Add an extra step for the smoothest matcha you’ll ever taste! It guarantees the smoothest and frothiest matcha:

– see **Steam Warning below before you start –

Step 1:  Assemble your Libre

Step 2:  Place 1-2 grams of matcha powder on filter

Step 3:  Use back of spoon to gently sift the powder through the filter

Step 4:  Pour in your liquid – **water, juice, milk – then gently shake, swish and turn upside down to get all matcha off the bottom… You may wish to devise your own shake pattern 🙂 to enhance the ritual. Carefully shake well, especially if using hot water.

Step 5:  Carefully remove lid… drink and enjoy a healthy perk-up treat mid afternoon or morning.


Temperature matters when making matcha. Heat brings out the bitter flavors in matcha. Where cold water will bring out its unique sweetness and the rich creamy feel.

If you are using water instead of Almond or Coconut Milk the ideal temperature is 65 – 85 degrees Celsius (150 – 180 degrees Fahrenheit). That is below boiling, so watch your kettle!

STEAM WARNING : **be  extra careful when using hot water and shaking**



How to use your Libre Tea Glass infuser – 3 Ways

For loose teas or bags in the glass:

Step 1 – remove lid and tea filter, add 2-3 grams of loose- leaf tea to the glass.

Step 2 –  add hot water, twist on tea filter and wait for tea to steep.

CAUTION: Steam Advisory – Use Caution With Boiling Water — Allow Time For Steam To Dissipate Prior To Twisting On Lid – STEAM PRESSURE MAY CAUSE LEAKS

For teas with limited steeping times:

Step 1: Step 2: Step 3:
Remove the lid and filter; carefully add hot water to below the rim of the tea glass.Twist the filter on securely; add 2 -3 grams of loose- leaf tea on top of the filter. Wait 2-3 minutes prior to twisting on lid so steam pressure does not force a leak upon inverting.

After a brief cool down period, twist on the lid securely and slowly turn the glass upside down to steep the tea.

Twist open the lid slightly and let the tea in the filter drain into the glass. Then remove the lid and filter together. Enjoy!

(Note: spent tea leaves remain in the filter and can be reused)

For every other favorite beverage!

The lid fits on the glass directly and so the bottle can be used for any beverage due to the Libre’s easy-clean interior.

Cleaning your Libre:

  • Wash with a soft sponge or cloth and hot soapy water inside and out.
  • Carefully remove the filter seal to clean under and around as needed.
  • Vinegar water and a soft toothbrush works well for the filter/lid and for most stubborn tea stains.
  • We do not suggest submerging the Libres for a prolong period, as with most thermos type bottles, the seal may weaken and liquid may seep between the layers.
  • Do not put your Libre glass in the dishwasher, always wash by hand.


More answers also available in our Libre Care and Use Tips and our frequently asked questions.

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