Libre glass ‘n poly mug — enjoy loose leaf tea while ‘on the go,’ with an easy hold handle!

Libre glass’n poly mug

The Libre glass ‘n poly has a health-conscious glass interior for fresh taste and a durable polycarbonate exterior for ‘on the go’ durability. The stainless steel tea filter is surrounded by BPA free polypropylene as is the lid interior. Can be used 2 ways to brew and travel with loose leaf tea.

Volume: 280mL
Size: approximately 6.0″ tall, 3.0″ diameter of drinking glass,  with handle that adds another 1 in.
Materials: glass, BPA free polycarbonate, stainless steel
Price: $32.50 CAD
Shipping: Shipped from Vancouver, Canada and Los Angeles, USA. Express Delivery available.

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This tea glass can be used 2 ways – tea in the tea glass or tea on top of the twist off filter.

Learn how to use your libre. (video)


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