Spring is in the air! It’s time to do our spring cleansing – in our homes and our bodies.

We want to clean out the old, the worn, and the tired. We’d like to create a healthier place of clarity for peace and inspiration.

To cleanse our bodies there are several important areas to consider – the colon, liver and kidneys are key and additionally a blood cleanse can be helpful for your overall system. As well skin sloughing (gentle exfoliates and then natural skin moisturizers like tea seed oil) addresses the largest organ of your body.

spring cleansing dandelion teaYou can use your Libre Tea glass to prepare cleansing teas conveniently. You will find several cleansing teas, with a wide variety of ingredients available at your local health food store and online.

Here is a list of healing herbs and their benefits for spring cleansing:
  • Burdock Root – helps detoxify the liver, is an antibiotic and anti-fungal and helps as a diuretic
  • Dandelion Root – helps purify the liver and gallbladder and is a gentle diuretic
  • Black Pepper – helps detoxify, helps with absorbing nutrients, is an antioxidant, works as a diuretic stabilizing the water in the body
  • Juniper Berry – helps support healthy kidney and urinary function, helps with digestion and intestinal gas
  • Nettle – helps support the mucous membranes, including those in the digestive tract, respiratory system and urinary system and helps with blood purifying
  • Lemon Grass – helps with digestion and headaches, aids with gas, bowel spasms and stomach upset

spring cleanse with the Wall Tea Infuser Most cleansing teas will include many of these herbs and more; often with flavours and sweeteners added. Be sure to check that all ingredients are organically grown whenever possible. When choosing, be sure you pick a tea that suits your personal needs. Use this Chopra Dosha Quiz to help find out what specific needs your body has.

Remember, before starting any cleansing program you should always check with your health practitioner for advice and guidance!


What are your ‘go to’ spring cleansing herbs?

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