We love tea moments

A moment to connect and reflect in your busy day. A tea moment!

Not only a perfect way to hydrate and enjoy your tea or infusion, it is a time to come back to your place of peace inside.

Below Wendy, our founder, gives some further insights, tips and ideas to enjoy more peaceful tea moments in your day!

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Be The Change. be more peaceful in your world today.

Let’s share a tea moment truth- who are you really? And a couple of ideas for fruit infusions this summer to hydrate and cool
We are back with Tea Moment Monday – Yes it is getting a bit cray out there – come and rest for a moment and regain your ground and remember and connect with your inner experience.

#Teamoments on the way to the World Tea Expo – Liz Gilbert (Eat Pray Love) advocates curiousity rather than fear –

Discerning my inner and out experience – help #teamoments – and how!

Live from Ojai California, how tea moments give shelter and peace, why I’m at Krotona and tea making tips

Join us for a tea moment from LA – we ‘ll be sharing the ‘truth’ about these peaceful tea moments

A new #teamoment truth – I’m going to share me and mine

This morning – a #teamoment – from MacArthur Park in LA California

Come share a moment of peace and wisdom – learned at Living Conscious LA this weekend

Urban gardens are great places for tea moments…
Let’s take a breath and have a tea moment together. Take a deep breath… right down into the belly… and let it all the way out.

Tea Moment Mondays – start your week with us come connect and reflect – find your inner peace

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