With Libre glass infusers, #teamoments at home or ‘on the go’ are easy and convenient!

Here are some of our favourite “how-to’s” to help you get the most out of your Libre, today!

How to use your Libre Tea Glass infuser – 3 Ways

#1 – for teas and tisanes that can steep multiple times

  • remove lid & filter
  • add tea/tisane into glass
  • carefully add hot water into glass
  • allow steam to dissipate for 1-2 minutes
  • twist on filter & lid… you’re ready to go!

#2 – for teas with limited, single use steeping times

  • remove lid & filter
  • carefully add hot water into glass
  • allow steam to dissipate 1-2 minutes
  • twist on filter
  • place 1-2 tsp of tea on filter
  • twist on lid
  • carefully turn your libre upside down, steep to desired colour/flavour
  • turn upright… yoclassic-with-lime-drawingu’re ready to go!

#3 – for fruit’n herbs in hot or cold water

  • remove lid & filter
  • add your concoction
  • fill with hot or cold water (if using hot, allow steam to disspate 1-2 minutes).
  • twist on filter & lid and you’re ready to go!

ALWAYS REMEMBER – trapped steam can build up pressure. Allow steam to dissipate before tightening the lid. Use care when removing the lid on hot teas.

Recipe for Chai tea


How to Make Matcha in your Libre MatchaGo #glasstogo #matchashaker

 – no more whisk and bowl –

– see **Steam Warning below before you start –


The quick & easy way: put matcha in glass (1-2 grams), add your liquid, put on filter & lid… shake well… and go! Carefully shake well, especially if using **hot water.

Add an extra step for the smoothest matcha you’ll ever taste! It guarantees the smoothest and frothiest matcha:

– see **Steam Warning below before you start –

Step 1:  Assemble your Libre

Step 2:  Place 1-2 grams of matcha powder on filter

Step 3:  Use back of spoon to gently sift the powder through the filter

Step 4:  Pour in your liquid – **water, juice, milk – then gently shake, swish and turn upside down to get all matcha off the bottom… You may wish to devise your own shake pattern 🙂 to enhance the ritual. Carefully shake well, especially if using hot water.

Step 5:  Carefully remove lid… drink and enjoy a healthy perk-up treat mid afternoon or morning.



Temperature matters when making matcha. Heat brings out the bitter flavors in matcha. Where cold water will bring out its unique sweetness and the rich creamy feel.

If you are using water instead of Almond or Coconut Milk the ideal temperature is 65 – 85 degrees Celsius (150 – 180 degrees Fahrenheit). That is below boiling, so watch your kettle!

STEAM WARNING : **be  extra careful when using hot water and shaking**